The credit scoring system is a mess. It exists to serve banks and other such giant financial entities, but certainly not the people. Your bad credit score and its terrible consequences on your finances are dismissed as collateral damage in a broken system where people are considered guilty until proven innocent.

Credit Saint, a reputable credit repair company, has helped thousands and thousands of innocent people reclaim their credit report, boost their credit score, and gain peace of mind. Though there are thousands of cases each year, their representatives are still blown away by the way that false information prevents good people from getting the loans they want at the rates they deserve.

Here’s what you need to know about the credit scoring system, and how you can restore and boost your credit score if you have false information on your credit report.

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: What's on Your Credit Report?

The three major credit reporting bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax) collect information on every adult in the United States. They then sell that information to banks. They collect information from numerous sources, including banks, public records, and debt collectors. Banks use the information to determine your eligibility to borrow money, as well as to set interest rates on loans they give.

The credit bureaus don’t see you as a customer — they see you as a product.

They collect thousands of data points on hundreds of millions of adults, and they don’t check to see whether the information they have is correct. They assume it is until a consumer protests. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), every consumer has the right to a complete and accurate credit report. However, it’s up to you to repair your credit report. Credit bureaus don’t have to verify the information on your credit report unless you ask them to do so.

If you’ve ever seen a mistake on your credit score, you’re not alone. One out of every five people has misinformation on their credit report, according to the Federal Trade Commission. That misinformation may damage your credit score and cause banks to think of you as a poor credit risk.

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Banks Aren’t Helping the Situation

Even worse, banks don’t demand accurate information from the credit-reporting bureaus. Of course, banks don’t want rampant misinformation on credit reports — that would make underwriting loans impossible. But if a credit reporting company is going to make an error, they want the company to err on the side of making a consumer look worse. Why? Follow the money.

When somebody has a bad credit score, the bank can justify charging a higher interest rate because that person looks like a credit risk on paper. In reality, that person will likely pay back the loan on time and in full. This discrepancy means that banks earn more money while taking on less risk. If the errors went in the other direction, banks would lose money hand over fist.

Credit-reporting companies are eager to keep banks happy, so they don’t question negative information until a real person bothers to question the status quo.

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Guaranteed Credit Repair: Credit Saint Wants You to Win

Credit Saint understands how the system works. As a reputable credit repair company, they’ve seen thousands upon thousands of people from every walk of life struggling with their credit. Their business model is based on helping regular people win against the unfair reporting system.

If you aren’t sure whether they can help you, consider setting up a free consultation.

Credit Saint aims to help anybody who calls, even if that person doesn’t qualify to become a paying customer.

As such, you have nothing to lose by setting up the appointment. After your consultation, you can choose whether or not to work with Credit Saint. If you choose to move forward, they will create a customized credit repair plan designed to get all the false information off of your report and guide you in building positive credit.

Still not sure if Credit Saint is right for you? The company offers guaranteed credit repair. In other words, if you don’t see positive results within 90 days, they'll return your money.

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Repair Your Credit Report With a Reputable Credit Repair Company

The credit bureaus and the banks don’t really care about your credit score. In fact, a negative entry against you — however insignificant — can turn into big bucks for the lenders. After all, it allows them to justify demanding a higher rate for the loans. If you know for sure that something isn’t right with your score, you can either attempt to fix it yourself by contacting your credit company directly, with evidence, or giving a credit repair company a try. It’s a small investment that returns tens of thousands of dollars on your mortgage or other large loans. Each time you’re in the market to buy a car, get a travel-rewards card, or rent an apartment, you can negotiate from a position of strength, knowing that Credit Saint has you covered.

This post is sponsored by Credit Saint. Credit Saint is a credit repair company that wants every person to enjoy the peace of mind and financial benefits of a great credit score. They have over a decade of experience helping people reclaim their credit report. All opinions are those of CentSai Inc.