Identity Theft

Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the U.S., with nearly 13 million victims each year. This also means that you have to deal with a large prevention industry and tons of products that identity protection companies spend billions of dollars on every year. And those products vary in quality.

Let us help you pick the best identity theft firm for you…

Make sure that you’re signing up for identity theft protection services that offer daily monitoring of the information that you’re looking to protect. And see if you can include protection of your computer and other devices that you use to make payments. The best identity protection companies take extra care in restoring your credit once it’s compromised, and do so quickly.

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No one is secure — not even computer networks belonging to the U.S. government. If it hasn’t already, one day, your credit card will be used in places that you’ve never travelled to, or your bank account will show up expense items that you will not recognize. Or worse, someone could even rack up debt in your name.

In short, your identity — and we all have one — is never safe without adequate protection. Identity theft can happen in various ways. Your wallet could get stolen, for example. And thieves often go through trash and dig through personal data. Another very common form of theft? “Skimming” information from an ATM machine using a device that steals data stored in the credit or debit card magnetic strip. Identity theft protection services can help you combat these kinds of fraudulent activities. We’ve compiled a list with some of the best companies for the job.


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