Even a few seemingly small mistakes — a couple of missed payments on your first credit card or an unpaid cell phone bill — can trash your credit score. These small mistakes add up to huge interest rates on loans when you need credit most. For example, a bad credit score can turn a sensible used car loan into a financial anchor around your neck.

A person with bad credit (a score of 600 and below) pays an average interest rate of 16.49 percent on their used car loan, according to Experian. Meanwhile, someone with good credit (a score from 661 to 780) pays an average of 5.42 percent.

If both people take out a $15,000 60-month loan, the person with bad credit will pay $369 per month, while the person with good credit will pay $286 per month. By these calculations, having bad credit costs nearly $1,000 more each year. And that’s just on a sensible car loan. Imagine the cost differences on high-interest credit cards or on a mortgage that lasts for 30 years.

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What Steps Can You Take to Fix Your Credit Score?

Seeing dollars drain from your bank account is a pretty good motivator to fix your credit score as fast as possible.

But you don’t want to work with just any credit repair firm. You want one that cares about you and takes the time to understand your individual needs.

Even more importantly, you need a company with a track record for success. Too many “top” credit repair firms waste your time and money with ineffective credit repair options. Instead of working with a subpar company who doesn’t have your best interests at heart, we recommend working with reputable credit repair companies like Credit Saint. The Better Business Bureau gives Credit Saint an A-plus rating, and the company has a 10-year track record of helping real people improve their credit scores quickly.

Credit Saint will create a customized plan to help you fix your credit in a timely manner. They work in 45-day cycles and offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. In other words, if you haven’t seen a questionable item or fraudulent transaction removed from your credit report within 90 days of enlisting Credit Saint’s help, they’ll refund every penny.

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How Long Does It Take to Repair Credit?

The length for total credit recovery varies from person to person. If you only have a few credit missteps and you choose an aggressive credit repair option, your recovery will be relatively fast. Those who choose less aggressive options or have severe credit damage may require more time.

But even better than removing fraudulent transactions from your credit report, Credit Saint will give you access to a team of people who can help you build positive credit for the future. Unlike most companies, Credit Saint doesn’t want you to become a repeat customer. It wants you to fix your credit score now and forever.

How Much Does a Credit Repair Company Cost?

Credit Saint’s services start with a free, no-obligation consultation. If you sign up for one of Credit Saint’s packages, you’ll pay a first-work fee. That usually costs $99, though it may vary depending on the level of service you signed up for.

From then on, you’ll pay a monthly fee for as long you continue to use Credit Saint’s credit repair services. The fee for the Polish package — the lowest level of Credit Saint’s services — is $59.99 per month. At this level, you’ll have a dedicated team of Credit Saint’s legendary credit repair experts conducting thorough debt validation. They’ll also challenge questionable or inaccurate information related to identity theft, collections, late payments, credit inquiries, and debt charge-offs.

If you opt for the mid-level Remodel package, you’ll pay $79.99 per month. In addition to giving you the benefits of the Polish package, your credit repair experts will address bankruptcies and repossessions. Credit Saint will also connect with your state’s attorney general or the Federal Trade Commission on your behalf if a questionable credit item such as a fraudulent transaction isn’t removed.

Finally, Credit Saint offers the Clean Slate package for $99.99 per month. With this package, you’ll get everything from the previous two levels plus help removing civil judgments from your credit report.

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Why Working With a Credit Repair Firm Is Worth It

As you work to pay all your bills on time, Credit Saint works to remove questionable information from your credit report. Between your actions and Credit Saint’s, your credit score will start to rise. This is when investing in a credit repair firm starts to pay off.

Depending on what score you started with, an improved credit score that reaches 600 or more may mean that you can refinance your current loans at a lower interest rate. When your credit score passes 620, you can start thinking about a home mortgage. Move up to 680 and you’ll start to see the best offers on credit cards.

Once the help of a credit repair firm gets your credit under control, you’ll never have to chew your nails wondering whether you’ll qualify for a loan. You’ll no longer have to make down payments when you sign up for utilities. On top of that, you’ll have access to the best interest rates, allowing you to save money for the things that matter most.

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This post is sponsored by Credit Saint. Credit Saint is a credit repair company that wants every person to enjoy the peace of mind and financial benefits of a great credit score. They have over a decade of experience helping people reclaim their credit report. All opinions are those of CentSai Inc.