Licensed Financial Content for Millennials

And an end-to-end method of client acquisition and retention

If you don’t have a millennial content strategy, you need one. They’re 75 million strong, they already have $3 trillion in investable assets and they’re just hitting their big earning years. Over the next decade they’ll inherit another $10 trillion, and $20 trillion more after that. If you’re going to be viable then, you have to engage them now — but millennials don’t engage the way earlier generations do. They look for a new kind of content that teaches as it entertains. CentSai’s 1,600 pieces of creative material are explicitly built for millennials.

The Centsai Method: Client Acquisition and Retention

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CentSai Storytelling takes the fear out of finance. Sets of personal stories about crucial millennial money concerns, augmented by insight from experts, and amplified by socially engaging videos, comic strips, quizzes and podcasts. Jargon-free material that wins trust — by being trustworthy.

After three of years of testing, we’ve built a library of digital financial content that’s informative, authentic, relatable – even bingeworthy. Our ‘arc of engagement’ applies the social style of millennials to a full range of formats, telling personal financial stories in ways that dissolve the barrier between younger consumers, and the financial knowledge that helps them thrive. Most of our content is created by millennials, for millennials, about millennials. It works on its own terms — or blends seamlessly into client sites, via iFrame, direct feed, FTP, and other methods. We apply your branding, or ours, or both. And from content selection to site integration, you set the timeframe.


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Through trial and error, we’ve learned that storytelling is the most effective way to reach millennials. That’s why our blogs, mostly written by millennials, for millennials, resonate. But CentSai writers, contributors and editors only start conversations. CentSai readers, in social media hangouts, help them take off.

CentSai story cycles cover career, marriage, relationships & money, entrepreneurship, financial planning, investing, student loans, children & money, financial mistakes, financial literacy, lifestyle, financial wellness, and a host of other subjects. A story cycle follows an ‘arc of engagement’:

  • 1) what I did and why…
  • 2) what it led to…
  • 3) how I felt…
  • 4) how I resolved things…
  • 5) my situation today (as a result)…

The CentSai Catalog, refined and tested over the same three years, includes 1,600+ pieces — articles, videos, CentSai Expert materials, podcasts, social media content, quizzes, plus new forms our team invents — whatever our community tells us works best to get our stories (and messages) across.