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Small Business Tools Guide

Last updated: May 24, 2024
Financial Solution in One Place

FinancePal Business Services LLC (“FPAL”) is full-service accounting and bookkeeping solution serving small and medium-sized businesses nationwide across various industries. At FPAL, we leverage best-in-class technology and marry it with efficient processes and trained professionals to provide our customers with an affordable high-quality monthly service.

  • Best-in-class technology
  • Robust and flexible
  • Reputable
Bank of the 21st Century

Oxygen is a Modern Digital Banking for the 21st Century Economy. Oxygen is the first and only Challenger within the USA to provide both Personal and Business Banking. Oxygen was created for Digital Natives, Creators, and Entrepreneurs as their Consumers.

  • No Monthly fees
  • No Paperwork
  • Simple Transfers Cashback Rewards
  • Retail and Travel Benefits
Best Tax Write-Off Tool

KeeperTax is a Modern Day Tax write-off benefit for Independent Contractors, Freelancers, Solopreneurs. KeeperTax automatically Monitors Purchases for write-offs one would have missed.

  • Automatically Find Tax Deductions, All Year
  • Write-Offs for Over 50,000 Americans
  • Saves Time, Money, and Efforts
Banking for Freelancers

Lili is an All-in One Online Banking Platform For Freelancers. Lili Empowers Freelancers By Balancing Work and Life in One Account.

  • Services Include Real Time Expense Tracking, Tax Tools and Financial Insights
  • Create an Account in 3 Minutes
  • Women Founded Fintech App
Security & Data Governance

Favro is an all-in-one cloud platform for teams to do collaborative writing, planning, project & organizational work. Favro is a digital office space that transforms any organization into an Agile business by empowering all teams to work autonomously. Favro can be your source of truth to increase transparency and ensure accountability by monitoring projects and measuring Objectives and Key Results.

  • Adaptable Interface
  • Decentralized and Agile methodology
  • Seamless and Secure
Social Media Management Tool

At Sprout Social, we believe there’s no place that is more significant today than via online media. Sprout Social’s set-up of profound listening and analytics, social administration, customer care, and support arrangements empower associations and brands.

  • Open and Authentic Communication
  • Accountability and Simplicity
  • Data and Intelligence
Business Insurance Platform

Embroker is a digitally-native business insurance agency built with modern innovation to wipe out the shortcomings that increase costs and leads to disappointing client encounters.

  • Utilizes the latest technology
  • Custom-made and affordable
  • Easy to buy
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