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Auto and RV Insurance

Last updated: July 23, 2024

Allstate provides more than just insurance to its customers, become connected with Allstate to find the answer to your insurance queries.


  • Find quotes for Auto and RV insurance
  • Find an insurance agent near you 
  • File new claims or track existing ones 
  • Start with a free personalized quote
No Hassle Experience

Savvy makes it simple for users to identify and save money and find better insurance. Savvy provides free assistance to policyholders in sharing their personal insurance information with applications and agents who might help them locate better coverage.

  • No need to fill out any papers to see if you can save money
  • Customer service is available via text, phone, or email. It is completely free.
  • There are hundreds of insurers to choose from.
Bundled Policy Savings

Branch provides auto insurance policies, which can be bundled with other policies. Branch insurance can be purchased in the following states:  Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Arizona and Texas


  • Purchase a new policy or switch and save
  • Add additional coverages
  • See your quote in 10 seconds
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