Stock Rover Review 2021

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As a beginning investor, I’ve had little experience with the stock market. Oh, I’ve seen stories on the news about crashes, bull markets, and the Dow Jones, but it was only recently that I actually started to look into what many of those terms mean. I’m not alone, either.

A recent survey of 1,400 Gen Z and millennial investors found that we hunger for investing knowledge. About 91 percent of us use social media as the main way to learn the ropes. Our next resource is turning to the crowded market of investing apps.

Stock Rover was founded by two former software engineers and longtime individual investors who were fed up with cobbling together income statements, margins of safety, and cash flow numbers from different sites, tools, and sources across the web.

They created Stock Rover as a one-stop shop for all the data needed to improve as investors, such as dividends, returns compared to the S&P 500, and a list of top stock choices with their sector and industry beside them.

First-time Stock Rover users are given an automatic 14-day trial of the Premium Plus plan, which provides access to everything on this site, including the interactive chart, table, and other resources. 

This might seem great help — and it is. But it’s also intimidating. After all, just look at it! 

Stock Rover Review 2021 | CentSai

Between the long strings of letters and numbers based on scores I didn’t understand, the tabs you could select that would bring you to entirely new strings of seemingly meaningless numbers, and complicated terminology, like “Piotroski F Score,” I didn’t know what I was looking at.

It’s complicated, right? It is. Or, at least, on first glance it is. But, despite the initial panic you might have when you first see that table, Stock Rover prides itself on being accessible for investors of any level.

With no fewer than four emails sent to your inbox within three days of signing up, Stock Rover wants to help get you started as quickly as possible — which, considering the dashboard is tricky to wrap your head around as a novice investor, is a necessity. I was a little put off by the idea of a 13-minute introductory video, but it did help me learn to navigate the site.

The video outlines that Stock Rover’s online research portal allows you to:

  • Get access to market news
  • Analyze your portfolio
  • Compare securities side by side
  • Screen for stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Do a deep dive into a single company

Once you’ve figured out how to use Stock Rover’s tools, it’s an easy leap into gathering the investing information you might need.

Ease of Use
Ease of Use

When we talk about ease of use for Stock Rover, let’s just say there’s a reason the company created a 13-minute-long video explaining how to use the chart and table and other insights. 

Stock Rover Review 2021 | CentSai

Of course, once you learn how to navigate the page, managing Stock Rover becomes a lot simpler. After a few hours of working with the tools, each feature feels intuitive and informative. Just expect to experience a bit of a learning curve when you’re first getting started.

There is a navigation panel, which allows access to indices, sectors, ETFs, portfolios, watchlists, and screeners. Each category shows a list of relevant content, which can then be accessed through the chart or table. With the chart, specifically, users can choose to display one security, or they have the option to compare two specific choices.

With the table, users can access a full collection of information about specific indexes. If you hover over the ticker, you will also receive details relating to each specific stock, including the dividend yield, the 52-week range, the market cap, the Price/Earnings ratio, and more.

Stock Rover Review 2021 | CentSai

The insight panel allows access to anything else that investors may need to know about each stock, such as dividends, company-specific news, and analysis from expert analysts. Stock Rover also provides its own scores for each stock, describing the growth, quality, margin of safety, fair value, and more.

The most useful feature for new investors, like myself, is the “Explain” feature, as shown below. By right-clicking any header column on the main table, investors can access definitions and explanations of each category. I found this to be a real benefit, as I didn’t need to constantly change tabs just to get more information. Stock Rover Review 2021 | CentSai

Overall, though I did find the chart and table difficult to navigate when I first came across the site, it took me only a few hours before I was fully comfortable working with all of Stock Rover’s tools.

Bang for Your Buck
Bang for Your Buck

When you first sign up, you’ll be given a 14-day free trial that enables access to all three basic varieties of the paid premium plans, which is a great chance to test some of the key features it offers. But once your trial period ends, you’ll need to decide among a few options if you want to continue using Stock Rover’s services, which can be a difficult decision. 

The three premium plans that the site offers range from $79.99 to $279.99 per year. There are also add-on features, like the $50 Research Reports Bundle for Annual Subscribers, and the $99-per-year Research Reports Plans. Users can choose whether to pay monthly, annually, or every two years, but will receive the same features regardless of payment schedules.

The Essential Plan, which costs $79.99 annually, offers five years of historical data, access to stock exchanges, ETFs, and mutual funds, and over 260 available performance metrics. 

It is useful to note that five years of historical data is available for free by Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo users can also use mutual fund and ETF screeners. However, Yahoo Finance does not have the same performance metrics — Stock Rover provides unique metrics of its own making.

The Premium Plan, at $179.99 per year, gives users access to 10 years of historical data in addition to the same exchanges and performance metrics as the Essential plan. It also offers data export support, automatically refreshing the available data, allowing you to view the chart and table on multiple monitors, integrated note-taking options, and prioritized technical support.

Not all of these — like the multi-monitor support option — directly relate to finance, but they do make using the service more convenient.

Not having to refresh the page each time you want new data is certainly a time-saver.

Finally, the Premium Plus Plan costs $279.99 each year, and gives users all the same features as the Premium plan, plus an additional 300 available metrics, as well as unlimited use of the insight panel and table, the stock ratings, investor warnings, and more.

There is also a free version of the site. If you choose not to subscribe to a paid version at the end of your free trial, your account will automatically be converted to this version, which gives you access to stock analysis charts, which can be seen below — but the table, quotes, and stock ratings will no longer be available.

The advanced screener and bookmarks are also features restricted to paid subscriptions. So, while there are still valuable tools for users to access, the free version is limited, compared to the resources that the paid subscriptions offer. 

Personally, I prefer to have at least the Essential Plan, if not one of the more expensive options. The performance metrics are one of the main reasons to use this tool, as opposed to other screeners. 

Whichever option you choose depends on how invested you are in your investments and how closely you intend to watch them. The Essential Plan is more than enough for me, but more experienced investors may be better served by the Premium Plus Plan and its additional metrics and features.

Customer Service
Customer Service

Stock Rover can be contacted by email at When I reached out with a question, Stock Rover got back to me within the hour, which is an especially rapid timetable for email communication. This wasn’t a problem for me, as I prefer contacting companies through emails. Members with the Premium and Premium Plus plans also receive prioritized hotline support. This means that Essential Plan users may not get answers quite as rapidly. 

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Stock Rover has not been rated by the Better Business Bureau, nor are there any user reviews on the site. It also has not released a mobile app on the App Store or Google Play.

CentSai reached out to Stock Rover for comment about whether it plans to release an app in the future; it doesn’t, but plans instead to continue to improve the mobile experience through the confines of the browser only.

The Bottom Line
The Bottom Line

When you first view Stock Rover’s chart, you may feel like a student stepping into an economics class for the first time. The walls are lined with data, and you’re not completely sure what it all means, but you’re sure that it probably means something, right? But after a little research and time, every feature feels optimized and effective. 

Though the service can be expensive — the Premium Plus Plan especially so —  Stock Rover provides everything that investors might need in one well-packaged place. It may have slow responses from customer service representatives (especially if you choose one of the two lower-priced plans), but the answers were comprehensive. 

Overall, this is a service that taught me a great deal about investing — like the meaning of “Piotroski F Score,” for instance.

Stock Rover also gave me access to resources I had never previously seen compiled in a single place.

Additionally, it provides helpful features like an interactive chart that could compare dividend returns between stocks or a list of rival corporations, ratings versus peers, or growth margins and profitability rankings.

It’s a lot of information to parse through, but Stock Rover teaches you a lot, and it teaches you quickly.

Past performance is not a predictor of future results. Individual investment results may vary. All investing involves risk of loss.