Reviews Rubric |

Reviews Rubric

How CentSai Rates Products and Services

CentSai’s reviews are completely independent.

Our only agenda is to educate our readers. We use objective standards to evaluate any product or service before we place a review on our platform. We do our research and try out the product or service. Then we rate it on a scale of 1 to 3 in each of the four categories below, for a total score of up to 12.

Independent reviews help consumers decide which products or services to buy.

Poor (1)
Average (2)
Excellent (3)

Ease of Use

Difficult to use. Fulfills few of the advertised functionalities. Makes your day more, not less, difficult.

Usable but not optimized. Fulfills some, but not all, of the advertised functionalities. Leaves you feeling indifferent.

Simple to use. Fulfills all of the advertised functionalities. Adds value to your day-to-day lifestyle.

Bang for Your Buck

Costs more in money and/or time than the benefits it affords. Competitors provide better value, by being more affordable or by providing more for the same cost. You feel “ripped off.”

Provides middle-of-the-road value for the money. You feel indifferent about the money you’ve spent.

Is an excellent value, topped by few, if any, competitors. You feel as if you’ve found a bargain.

Customer Service

Company provides no obvious guarantee/ warranty on service/product. Customer service is unreachable or reachable with only excessive wait times (> 10 minutes). Not reachable by phone or chat, only email.

Company guarantee/warranty on service/product lasts a shorter amount of time than competitors. Customer service is reachable but with moderate wait times (5–10 minutes) and excessive robotic menus, or is available only via email.

Company guarantee/warranty on service/product lasts as long as, or longer than, competitors. Customer service is easily reachable via live chat, email, or phone with minimal wait times (< 5 minutes).


Company has C+ or lower rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and/or product/ service has less than a three-star average consumer review on three or more major websites/marketplaces (Facebook, Google, App Store, Yelp, etc.).

Company has between a B– and A rating from the BBB, and/or product/service has between a three- and four-star average consumer review on three or more websites/marketplaces.

Company has an A+ rating from the BBB, and/or product/service has above a four-star average consumer review on three or more websites/ marketplaces.

Highest Possible Product/Service Total Score: 12

A product or service is eligible to receive a score in each category if it meets at least one of the guidelines listed; it is not required to meet all the listed criteria.