When you’re in a crunch, there are four ways you can boost your credit score quickly. Check this out!When you’re new to the credit world, or your score isn’t as good as you want it, the act of getting your credit score where it needs to be can seem daunting. We all know that it’s best to build your credit score by making on-time payments over a prolonged period of time, but when you’re in a crunch, there are steps you can take today that can give it the boost it needs.

For example, becoming an authorized user on an existing account can improve your score. That is, so long as the account holder is financially responsible. Meanwhile, requesting a credit-limit increase improves your credit utilization ratio, or how much debt you use compared to how much you have access to. This is a major factor in your score. 

Check out our video for more ways to boost your credit score.

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