What Friends Character Is Most Like You? |

What Friends Character Is Most Like You?

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Find out what Friends character is most like you! Take our quiz! Take our #lifeinsurancequiz and find out what your #lifedecisions say about you as a person. #savingtips #savingmoneytips #savingmoney #financialliteracy #financialplanning #financialindependence

We know you’ve thought about it before: Which Friends character are you really? Sure, everyone wants to be a Rachel or a Chandler, but in reality, you’re probably more of a Ross. Take our life insurance quiz and find out what your life decisions say about you as a person, but more importantly, if you really are a Joey or not.

1. In addition to life insurance’s primary use as an income replacement for loved ones, many people wish to use it for their funeral and final expenses. Had Ross really died doing what he loved, watching blimps, then insurance would’ve come in handy. These funeral and final expenses include:
2. Term insurance is designed to cover a specific period such as 10 or 20 years. Permanent policies, unlike term policies, are designed to last your lifetime (no “we were on a break!” here!). A primary reason to consider term over permanent insurance is:
3. The beneficiaries of an insurance policy receive the proceeds following the death of the insured. (How else do you think Monica can afford that crazy huge apartment in Greenwich? Thanks, Grandma!) A significant feature of insurance death benefits is:
4. The principles of insurance have been in use for centuries. Life insurance was introduced in the U.S. in the 1760s. The basic premise of insurance is:
5. Insurance increases in cost as you age because mortality increases. Term insurance provides coverage for a set period at a level premium. When comparing a 10-year term policy to a 20-year term policy from the same company you should expect to see:
6. Many people purchase life insurance to provide for loved ones if they die prematurely. Common reasons people consider life insurance are to:
7. Insurance death benefits can be used to fund a family’s goals and maintain the standard of living they enjoyed during your lifetime. When viewing insurance from a risk perspective:
8. Since term insurance lasts for a set period, and not forever, there are cases, such as funding estate taxes, where permanent policies may be more appropriate. Which of the following are not appropriate uses of term insurance: