Investing mistakes could cost you big time.

Instead of being concerned doubling your net worth over a short period of time, learn how to invest wisely. There is such a thing as being too hands-on, too careful, too concerned with following the crowd or letting the media make your decision for you. A good investor is an informed investor.

Our video outlines the top seven investing mistakes you should avoid to ensure your road to prosperity is as clear as it can be.

Robo-Advisor Comparison Table
  • Fees
  • Features
  • Best For
    • Need at least $5 to get started
    • Stash Beginner for $1/month, Stash Growth for $3/month, Stash+ for $9 month
    • Can invest in individual stocks
    • 250+ options (ETFs and popular stocks)
    • Automatic savings options
    • Beginner/ learner investor
    • SRI-focused investing
    • No minimum fee
    • No trading fees
    • No management fee
    • Can invest in individual stocks, trade stocks, funds, and more
    • Intermediate investor
    • Day-trading/ stocks
    • No minimum fee
    • No commission fees
    • No account maintenance fees
    • Buy and sell stocks
    • 2.5% interest on cash deposits up to $10,000
    • Social investing
    • No minimum fee
    • $1 per month under $1MM or 0.25% $1MM+
    • Experts choose and manage account
    • Round up purchases and invest spare change
    • Options to earn rewards
    • Automated investing
Robo-Advisor Comparison Table