How Green Home Improvements Can Save You Money. Looking to save some green while giving back to the planet? Consider making any one of these six green home improvements to your property. #CentSai #costofliving #savingmoneytips #personalfinanceNo one enjoys receiving a large energy bill at the start of a new month, but with hotter-than-average summers increasingly becoming the norm, it seems unavoidable.

A big bill from your local energy supplier can also feel guilt-inducing if you're a conscious consumer wary about your contributions to global emissions. Thankfully, green home improvements can help you slash costs while giving back to Mother Earth.

Making green improvements to your home, like installing eco-friendly appliances, can save you big — some improvements can even cut your air conditioning costs by as a much as 50 percent, according to the Department of Energy. Watch this video to find out six strategies to reduce your utility bill while minimizing your carbon footprint.

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