Gold Apple watches, designer wardrobes, and Ferraris — all essentials of the rich and famous, right? But wait. Despite raking in seven figures a year, some of the most frugal celebrities love to avoid spending whenever they can.

This may surprise you. Since starting at the Tonight Show in 1992, Jay Leno has never spent a dime of his earnings from the late-night show. He’s just one of the many frugal celebrities we’ll talk about here.

1. Jay Leno

It’s true. Jay Leno hasn’t spent a dime from his share of the Tonight Show (which must be in the millions).

He has lived for the past 20-odd years solely off the income he gets on the weekends by doing comedy gigs.

His net worth today is estimated at $350 million. However, he does own quite a few Ferraris.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Despite being worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Mr. Titanic only has one car, a Prius. Apparently he gets a thrill from spending money on environmental causes. Despite being personally frugal, he’s quite philanthropic, giving to a number of environmental protection organizations.

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3. Zooey Deschanel

Because of her divorce a few years ago, Zooey was required to show her expenditures in a public court. Her budget each month is very simple: $800 for utilities, $300 for internet and phone, $1,500 per month for charity, and so on. The New Girl star is reportedly worth $15 million.

America’s Top 5 Most Frugal Celebrities4. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods once gave a $5 tip to a waitress who had served him all evening. When she told the media later that Woods gave her a $5 tip, he promptly took it back. He found out that she had already received a tip that evening.

Woods has an estimated net worth of $640 million. He owns a 62-acre island. But parting with $5 is as unpleasant as putting from the sand.

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5. Halle Berry

Halle Berry doesn’t do anything too outlandish with money. She doesn’t leave signed DVDs as tips (as Jeremy Piven does), and she hasn’t made a restaurant stay open until 4 a.m., only to leave a $10 tip (LeBron James). No, what’s shocking about Halle Berry is that she’s saving up for financial independence. She says she doesn’t know when her Hollywood stint may end. She’s saving up so she can “live comfortably” once the paychecks stop pouring in.

Lessons Learned From America's Most Frugal Celebrities

I think there’s a lesson to be learned by examining the rich and famous. The most frugal celebrities teach us what really matters.

Most of us think that if we had all sorts of money, life would change dramatically. But the reality is, money just gives us a bigger stage to project who we truly are. Money doesn’t change us. Will Smith could not have said this better: “Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.”

If you were a jerk before you had money, you’ll be more of a jerk after you get money. If you’re a caring person, you’ll give more than ever before. See, when it comes to money, most celebrities say they are the same person now as they were before they were rich and famous. In discussing money, they usually harken back to their childhood years. The Fresh Prince is definitely correct.

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