fintech mae watson grote

What is pro-poor financial technology, and how is Mae Watson Grote’s company at the forefront of making a difference?

Mae Watson Grote is dedicated to improving the lives of the under-served and under-banked in the United States. As founder and CEO of the Change Machine — a nonprofit dedicated to building financial security through technology — she is doing just that.

The platform is available to all kinds of practitioners who work with women (financial advisors, social workers, coaches) and want to help their clients escape the poverty cycle.

Focused on both short- and long-term outcomes rather than just outputs, the Change Machine recently launched a recommendation engine on its platform that suggests vetted products and services to practitioners that line up with their clients' financial journeys.

Listen as Grote describes the pitfalls in “the system” that keep people (particularly people of color) poor, how Americans and financial institutions can combat systemic poverty, and the importance of alignment and a shared vision within your team on this episode of SheVentures.