pepperlane sharon kan

Sharon Kan built and successfully exited four startups, acquired by names such as Microsoft, Barnes & Noble, and Oracle. Listen to her pragmatic approach to business and learn what she believes is the one quality all entrepreneurs should embrace.

Raised in war-torn Israel, Kan reminisces: “You lived today because you weren’t sure what might happen tomorrow.”

Nonetheless, Kan started her first business at 14, selling homemade cakes to local shops, served her mandatory two years in the Israeli military (air force), and embarked on a multi-decade career in marketing, business, and product development. But her corporate career path was sidelined by motherhood. How did she react?

Kan chose to focus on “feminine power” and boost the mom-economy by co-founding Pepperlane, a platform designed to provide a community of women to co-mentor and inspire one another — complete with workshops, mentorship, and the myriad of services one needs when starting a business.

It’s time we stop apologizing and embrace our feminine power in the workplace whether we’re moms or not, says Kan. 

Listen as Kan dishes real talk on how to bring your authentic self to the workplace on this episode, the season three finale, of SheVentures.