lgbtq+ finance hadassah damien

Twenty percent of LGBTQ+ people say they are “much worse off” financially because of the pandemic, compared with only 11 percent of the general population. Hadassah Damien, queer femme writer, digital technologist, and financial strategist joins us to provide actionable tips for the LGBTQ+ community to take control of their finances today.

Damien grew up in a single-parent household where she experienced financial challenges. She entered adulthood believing money was unattainable. But as Damien embraced nonprofits, community art, archiving and #vanlife in her 20s, she taught herself personal finance basics — and put herself through grad school. 

When Damien left the corporate world after the 2008 financial crisis, she focused on how she could help other artists learn to manage their finances and found people she could help as a financial coach. 

Damien candidly speaks about the challenges those in the LGBTQ+ community face when it comes to money, and provides some suggestions on what they can do, one step at a time, on this episode of SheVentures.