kaftan designer zankhna parekh

Five languages. Three continents. Three kids. Two careers. One foundation. Zankhna Parekh is a trailblazer.

Born in India but raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Parekh always knew she would venture into medicine. With a 20-year successful career as a physical therapist under her belt, Parekh was keen to return to her career after having two children. 

But, Parekh noticed (as do many women who become mothers) that her pre-baby clothes didn’t fit the same way anymore. So she decided to make her own — and then start selling them. Through her education in Kenya, Parekh had the skills she needed to found Zankhna Designs.

With a focus on the coined term Zaftan, a new generation of kaftan (a long, loose dress or shirt), Parekh seeks to revolutionize luxury clothing by making it elegant yet affordable, with an international flair influenced by Parekh’s background (India, Kenya, and the United States).

On this episode of SheVentures, listen as Parekh discusses the difficulties of running a business while raising three children under age 4, the foundation she and her husband started to help and educate people in developing nations, and her (surprising) tips for managing a career and a hectic family life.