kristin miscall

COVID-19 required us to be mindful of our physical health like never before. What about our mental health? It’s time to talk about it.

Kristin Miscall is a psychotherapist with nearly two decades of helping others under her belt. She worked initially with homeless LGBTQIA+ youth before pivoting to private practice. Last year, she, like many in the mental health field, transitioned to telemedicine to meet the unprecedented need for her services in the midst of the pandemic.

Miscall noticed women were impacted disproportionately by COVID-19, and she shares her experiences of teletherapy over the past year. She speaks about the adjustments both she and her patients made — a blueprint for any practitioner. 

Listen as Miscall recounts the impact of COVID-19 on women specifically, and on humanity as a whole, her ultimate tips for self-care in a time when we need it most, and the power of saying “no” and setting boundaries on this episode of SheVentures.