4 Ways to Budget for Car Repairs. While figuring out how to budget for car maintenance can be confusing, it isn't impossible. Watch this video to learn how much to save. #CentSai #carrepair #costofliving #frugaltipsThere are some great things about owning a car. You can travel anywhere you need to go, you can take whatever shortcuts you like, and you can do it all without having to spend too much time on a busy subway or crowded bus.

The only problem? Cars need maintenance, and many people may not know how much to budget for that.

With 289.5 million American cars on the roads, according to Hedges & Company, it is important that they can be confident that a broken window won't wreck their budgets. People need to be sure that they can stay financially stable enough to save for retirement, pay their student loans, and repay their credit card debt without having to worry about their vehicle.

Watch this video to learn how much to budget for car maintenance, so that one faulty “check engine” light doesn't ruin your year.