Do you ever have that itch to just go out and spend? It may have been spurred by a bonus at work. Or you’ve taken on a side hustle and found yourself swimming in extra cash. Or you would just like to have something new in your life. Who can blame you?

Ever wondered how to constructively satisfy your itch to spend without going overboard and throwing away your hard-earned money?

Getting The Purchase Itch

I sometimes get this itch. Not often, but sometimes. The worst thing we can do in a situation like this is to spend impulsively on something we’ll toss aside in a few days. I try to buy something that matters.

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What I do is think of something in my life that could give me a boost. I do a mental walk around of my space. How’s my computer doing? My phone isn’t handling the latest OS update very well. My running shoes are feeling a bit thin on the bottom. I feel stressed, so maybe I should opt for a monthly massage.

Having a good working computer makes everything in life easier. An upgraded phone will function better and come with new features. They say a person should replace their running shoes as frequently as every six months if you run often. Otherwise, they’ll “flatten” and result in foot problems.

Some people may tell you to stifle any desire to spend. I say that's crazy.

But it’s also crazy to spend without sincere thought. A purchase should be somewhat calculated. When it comes to money, it’s always a good idea to give logic the edge over emotion.

Using this strategy keeps my spending tooth satisfied. Just make sure not to spend to the point where you’re getting cavities. You could end up spending too much and ruining your financial future.

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After all, it’s extremely easy to rationalize purchases. Don’t rationalize buying a milkshake for the calcium. Get what I’m sayin’? Sorry for the food analogies. I haven’t had breakfast yet.

Getting Rid of the Itch

If getting the itch to spend seems constant in your life, it’s time to rethink things. I often go weeks without buying something outside of my normal expenses. I have a trick I can share with you.

Very poor people think day-to-day. Poor people think week-to-week. The middle class think month-to-month. Rich people think year to year.

And the very rich think decade-to-decade. I learned this from a book called The Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class.

If you want to be rich or very rich, small purchases that don’t relate to your overarching goals have little place in your life. A goal of mine is to become a millionaire. But there are landmines between me and the dream. These landmines are located in malls, on… Quite a lot of places actually. What do I do? I look past the mall and think

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If I hadn't focused on the long-term, I would have bought so much garbage in my life.

And you know what? That stuff would be holding me back from my long-term dream of becoming a millionaire.

What long-term goal can you focus on which will help curb unnecessary spending? Do you want a dream wedding? A ’round the world plane ticket? A house? A million dollars so you can live off interest and do whatever you dang well please with your life? Focus on those more worthwhile goals. The needless spending itch will go away.

Now, time for breakfast.