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  • What is a “grace period” on a credit card? Question 1 /12
  • Credit card interest is based on your ADB. What does ADB stand for? Question 2 /12
  • Which statement about credit scoring is true? Question 3 /12
  • What is the single most important way to help your credit score (35 percent weight) Question 4 /12
  • Which of the following statements about your credit card balances is true? Question 5 /12
  • You paid for your tickets to see Hailee Steinfeld on your new credit card and don’t have enough money in the bank to pay your bill in full by the due date. What should you do? Question 6 /12
  • Which statement about minimum monthly payments is NOT true? Question 7 /12
  • What is a secured credit card? Question 8 /12
  • What is true about credit cards that offer perks like cash back or points? Question 9 /12
  • If Selena Gomez is on tour and forgets to pay her credit card on time, what will she most likely be charged the following month? Question 10 /12
  • Why do some stores have a minimum purchase amount in order to use your debit or credit card? Question 11 /12
  • When you use your credit card, what other organizations — besides the merchant — also get paid for the transaction?
    Question 12 /12