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  • 1. Most college applicants need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, commonly known as the FASFA, each year. The purpose of this application is to: Question 1 /6
  • In addition to the FASFA for federal aid, some schools require students to complete an additional common application known as the: Question 2 /6
  • Student debt has become a major problem with former students being burdened with over $1.5 trillion in college-related debt. Which of the following statements regarding use of debt to fund college education is true? Question 3 /6
  • 4. Completing your annual FASFA produces a number known as your “EFC,” which is used in determining your eligibility for federal aid. Your EFC is best defined as your: Question 4 /6
  • 5. Financial aid falls into two categories, need-based and merit-based. With regard to need and merit-based financial aid: Question 5 /6
  • The FASFA must be completed annually to be considered for aid for the academic year. The FASFA opens each year on October 1 and the deadline is June 30. You should: Question 6 /6