5 Tips to Demystify Homebuying. Too many Americans don't know much about the homebuying process. Learn five real estate tips for buyers that can help you in your search. #CentSai #Investing #investmenttips #investing #investmentBuying a home certainly isn't the simplest process in the world. Between the paperwork, the mortgage application, and the process of finding the right home for your family, it can feel downright impossible. To make matters worse, effective real estate tips are few and far between for most buyers.

Given that 18 percent claim that understanding the process itself is the most difficult part of home buying, according to the National Association of Realtors, while another 28 percent claim that the paperwork or mortgage is the most difficult, it's clear that the process can be beyond confusing.

How is a first-time homebuyer supposed to know how much their credit score will impact their ability to receive a low down payment or even their ability to find a mortgage at all? How are they supposed to know about how pre-qualification can change the home buying process?

If you're confused, you're not alone. The video breaks down five essential real estate tips that can help buyers secure a mortgage on the home of their dreams.

Diversify Your Assets