How One Woman Became a Real Estate MogulOkay, maybe not exactly a mogul. But Tess Wicks – a twenty-something currently living in Chicago – is still a super-savvy real estate investor.

How does she do it, you ask? By renting out her spare bedroom to help pay for her $1,200-a-month mortgage! And since her rental income covers her mortgage, she can then use the money from her day job to save for the future.

To top that off, she's also building equity on her swanky Chicago condo instead of “throwing away” money each month on rent. Talk about acing the real estate game!

Listen to Tess explain how she works her real estate magic… And, perhaps, learn how you can pull it off, too:

Tess Wicks – Renting Out Your Spare Bedroom from CentSai on Vimeo.