There’s nothing more stressful than loving people during the holidays. What kind of gift shows them how much you really care? And where do you even start? The good news is that this holiday gift guide is here to help you figure it out.

The average consumer expects to spend over $500 on gifts this holiday season, with gift cards, electronics, and clothes being the most popular choices when it comes to material things, according to a 2021 study conducted by Deloitte.

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However, the same study also shows that consumers this year are spending more money than ever before on experiences like trips together or game nights, rather than physical gifts.

Experiences now represent over a third of planned holiday expenses this year.

Luckily, we at CentSai have scoured the internet to bring you the best of both worlds: savings for both “things” and “things to do.” This ultimate holiday gift guide — the best place to start looking for gifts for those special people in your life. We’ve even got some of the best deals you’re likely to see this year!

Holiday Travel Guide

1. Cheap Caribbean

With different deals and awesome freebies each and every day, look no further than Cheap Caribbean for your grandparents’ Christmas gift! I mean, I guess you could go yourself, too. Family trip?

2. Best of Orlando

Children just aren’t satisfied with regular old toys anymore. So step up your game with Best of Orlando and bring them to Disney World or Universal Studios with deals offering up to 45 percent off. Half the price, but double the fun and gratitude from kids. At least for a couple of days.

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Art by Jonan Everett | Santa at the airport | Holiday Gift Guide: Travel
Art by Jonan Everett


It’s all good getting there, but where are you gonna lay your head to rest? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of that, too. Thanks to, you can save loads off hotels in San Diego, Orlando, New York, and more.

4. Best Of Vegas

Why not ring in the New Year with some slots and a show? This site is offering you the best Las Vegas shows this holiday season. Give someone the gift of chance. Or the gift of bankruptcy — it all depends on your personal divine luck.

A Guide to More Traditional Holiday Gifts

1. Zazzle

Looking for personalized and customized gifts? Zazzle brings you every holiday-themed item you could imagine, and then slaps a name, quote, or photo of your choosing on there for ya. It offers huge discounts and promo codes weekly, sign up to make sure you never miss out!

2. Walmart

I mean, it’s Walmart. Need I say more? You know it’s gonna bring you slashed prices, pre-holiday deals, current-holiday deals, and post-holiday deals. It’s just the natural order of the world. Don’t miss out.

3. Personal Creations

Personal Creations offers free personalization on every holiday-themed gift, so your loved ones will never doubt who the gift is truly for. But that’s not all! They've also scored up to an additional 50 percent off just for you. Don’t say we never get you anything.

4. Target

Like Walmart, Target doesn’t need any introduction. With free shipping, new sales damn near every day, and just general value for money, you could almost get the whole family sorted for the holidays.

5. Hasbro

Know some kids? Do they like toys? Do they like brand-name toys that don't break the bank? Okay, so you don’t have to tell them that last part, but they won’t care when they’re shooting you in the head with their new Nerf guns, anyway.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide — Give Big, Save Big. Haven't bought presents yet? How will your family know you love them? Check out our holiday gift guide to get great ideas and save big bucks. #holidays #shopping #giftideas

6. Kinguin

Ah, yes. The elusive “gamer” of the family. Everyone has one. If you don’t know who it is, it’s you. Treat them — or yourself — to some new games for all consoles with up to 90 percent off. Yep, we're good.

7. Cosme De

Your 15-year-old niece will think you’re the best aunt or uncle around when you rock up with some designer and luxury makeup brands for her. She doesn’t have to know that Cosme De offers everything for up to 80 percent off on the holidays.

8. Budget Pet Care

Don’t forget about the pet! We found the cheapest fur-baby supplies around at Budget Pet Care. Plus, you get 12 percent off all products and free shipping to boot. Your puppers will love you forever when you come home with armfuls of things to keep them healthy and happy.

9. Ali Express

Ali Express is your one-stop shop for makeup, clothes, gifts, bits, and bobs. With hundreds of items for $5 and under (and even toys, jewelry, makeup, and panties for less than $2), we’re spoiling you, I know. Happy holidays!

Wrapping It Up on the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

That’s all, folks! We’ve got you covered every which way with these wonderful deals. There’s no sense bankrupting yourself over the holidays when, if you plan a little ahead, you can snag some amazing things for your family and friends for way less than usual.

We love helping you find gifts, but we also want you to be smart about your spending. Don’t have a New Year’s credit card hangover. And for full disclosure, we do get paid a small amount when you click on our links, but that’s what helps us keep bringing you kick-ass content.