Hard-pressed moms don't have to throw their hands up – they need to find 15 minutes each day to track the money trail and organize their finances.

Being a mother is the most challenging job I’ve ever had. It takes so much patience, effort, and energy to raise children, and sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, your kids just won’t behave.

When you think of all the responsibilities that mothers have, whether they are working moms, stay-at-home moms, or work-at-home moms, it’s no wonder that the hardest part about managing a family’s money is actually finding the time to do so.

For so many moms, their priorities are just getting through the day, putting dinner on the table, and keeping their toddler’s pants on before company comes over.

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Sometimes, when the mail is overflowing with bills and inboxes are crammed with notifications and credit alerts, it feels easier to just drink two glasses of wine and call it a day.

So if you feel overwhelmed with managing finances as a mother, you’re definitely not alone.

Here’s how to streamline the process so you can quickly organize your money:

1. Use One Bank Account

I’m guilty of having way too many bank accounts, and I am actually in the process of narrowing it down to one personal account and one business account. I get tired of moving money back and forth and keeping track of which bill comes out of which account. Using one bank account makes it easy to find everything you need and keep an eye out for fraud or strange expenses that pop up.

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2. Use Debit Cards

Lately, I’ve been using debit cards for everything. In the past, I’ve used credit cards to collect points for travel, but I only want to do that when planning a big trip. So in a few years, if I want to take my kids to Disney World, I’ll likely sign up for a few credit card bonuses to try to get some free nights and travel.

However, since that’s a few years down the road, I’m only using debit cards right now. Again, this streamlines the process, stops me from overspending, and makes checking up on my finances really easy.

3. Automate Payments

I don’t like having bills come in the mail. Instead, I get all my statements online and pay my bills automatically. I don’t want to spend time remembering to pay my internet bill and my water bill and my electric bill. Instead, I have it all come out of my account automatically. Because it comes out of the same place, I can look through my account quickly at the end of the month.

If the numbers seem off or unnecessarily high, I can contact the company to ask why. Otherwise, I just let it go through automatically and don’t worry about it. I also automate saving or certain goals and investing. To me, the more automation in your life, the better.

4. Set Aside a Few Minutes a Day

You’ve likely heard that cleaning for 15 minutes a day can really help avoid a massive three-hour cleaning extravaganza on the weekends. The same is true of your finances.

If you just check your accounts for a few minutes each day — or even every other day — it can help keep you organized and aware of your spending. That way, you aren’t surprised when you look at the items that pop up in your bill. You can still feel bad, though. By checking your accounts daily, you remember what you spend on, and you have a better sense of where you need to cut back.

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Ultimately, when you’re a mother, making time for anything is challenging. After all, I feel lucky if I can actually get a meal in before noon, so I get it. The point is that you have to prioritize your finances, but this doesn’t have to mean spending hours poring over them. Just a few minutes of monitoring your accounts every day and automating your bills can make a huge difference when it comes to time management and your money.