Outsourcing is not just right for giant international corporations. When done right, it can work for you and me. The trick is to know when outsourcing is worth it and when it's a waste of money.

When does it make good financial sense to outsource and when is it better to DIY? Outsourcing is not just right for giant international corporations.

As someone who runs a business out of my home, I don't always have time to do weekly chores. So I outsource certain tasks to free up my time. This allows me to earn more money by focusing on my business instead. Here are five questions to ask in order to determine if outsourcing your chores is worth the price.

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1. Can you really afford to outsource chores?

It’s all too easy to get into the habit of eating out or having your food delivered on a daily basis. But the added expense can quickly blow your budget and force ylou to scale back. Before outsourcing all of your grocery shopping or hiring a maid to clean your home, make sure you can really afford to do so.

At one point in my life, I was getting my groceries delivered, dropping off my laundry, hiring a home cleaning service, and having new outfits delivered to my door. While I ended up having loads of free time, I soon realized that I couldn't afford to outsource everything in my life.

I had to choose one to three things that gave me the most bang for my buck.

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If you don’t mind cleaning, but hate going grocery shopping and cooking meals, then opt to only outsource the stuff you don’t like. Use the rest of the time to save a bit of money by doing those other chores yourself.

Learn what to sacrifice and what to give into until you find the balance of what you can afford to outsource.

2. Are you able to earn more per hour?

As someone who works from home, I value my time above most other things. If I can pay a maid to clean my house for $20 an hour while I finalize and submit client work that brings in $200 an hour, it makes sense to do so.

If you can earn more per hour than what you’re paying to outsource a particular household chore, then that’s a clear win. As the breadwinner for my family, I know that my time is better spent on calls with clients or wrapping up big projects, than on cleaning our home or cooking meals. That way I can prioritize time with my family instead of doing something I’m not very good at, anyway.

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3. Do you have to purchase extra supplies?

Certain jobs that require specific tools usually make more sense to outsource. You don’t want to have to purchase tools for one job, then figure out where to store them once you’re done.

As another example, if you’re a couple or have a small family, it’s better to use a menu delivery service so you don’t have to waste money buying a large bottle of sauce or spices. The food service will deliver the exact portion needed for your family, saving you both space and money.

If there are certain jobs or chores that have to be done, but that require extra supplies, it’s more cost efficient to simply outsource that job.

4. Are you better off hiring a pro or trying DIY?

The pro of DIYing is that you can usually save a good bit of money by tackling something yourself. The con is that it may take you two or three times as long to complete. Plus there’s a high chance of you making a mistake that could ruin the project altogether.

In addition to that, it’s also important to consider the time it will take you to learn how to DIY a particular project. On the other hand, you might be saving time by hiring a professional.

When determining whether or not outsourcing chores and other projects is really worth it, evaluate the pros and cons of hiring someone to do it for you versus the time and effort it will take to DIY. Then factor in a bit of extra money you may have to spend to fix any mistakes due to your lack of skills or knowledge in this area.

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5. Can you easily explain how to do the work?

In the beginning, it was a bit difficult for a control freak like me to outsource parts of my life to someone else. I like everything to be just so, and I wasn’t sure that someone else could clean my house or do my laundry to my standards.

If it takes more time to explain how to fold your laundry, or teach someone how to pick out the right fruit at the grocery store, you may be better off just doing the chores yourself.

However, if it’s something that’s easily explained, or if you trust an expert to take care of the chores for you, then go ahead and take a chance. You can start with something small. Then increase the chores over time, once you trust the person with these particular chores.

If you feel that you can confidently answer these questions, then give outsourcing a try. You can save yourself time and money doing loads of different tasks. Just be sure to weigh all of the pros and cons to make sure that it’s really worth your money.

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