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Pyramid Credit Repair

Pyramid Credit Repair

Founded in 2010, Pyramid Credit Repair offers education and a support team on your journey to credit recovery.

Bang for Your Buck
Score: 2/3

Pyramid Credit Repair offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and no upfront fees. With a team that helps you along the road to credit recovery, you’re receiving a support team in addition to credit rehab and education. While many companies charge a set-up fee as well as a monthly fee, Pyramid has no initial charge.

Ease of Use
Score: 3/3

Pyramid clients get updates via phone, text, email, and a secure online portal. Pyramid’s customer-driven, software-based approach allows it to process the credit reports quickly and turn around results for its credit report repair service efficiently, which means faster results for its clients.

Customer Service
Score: 3/3

One of the things that set it apart from other credit restoration companies is that Pyramid Credit Repair takes a personal approach to check back on its clients to see that they have gained the results that they were looking for. It also offers couples’ and singles’ plans: The singles’ plan runs $99 a month, while the couples’ plan runs $198 a month.

Score: 3/3

Pyramid Credit Repair has become known for constantly upgrading its digital system and coming up with new and improved ways to help its customers. Founded about eight years ago, it has a dedicated team of seasoned lawyers who know how to get fast credit repair results.

Pyramid has been in business only since 2010, and it may not be available in all states, thus limiting its appeal. It isn’t listed with the Better Business Bureau and currently doesn’t have a rating, though it has more than a 4-star rating on Google Reviews.

Bottom Line

Pyramid Credit Repair offers a number of features, including a 90-day warranty, in-house attorneys, no upfront fees, and a couples discount. The addition of in-house attorneys provides an advantage and an increase in customer confidence that no other credit repair service really has.

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