Review | Credit Repair Reviews | CentSai offers assistance from FICO professionals to help you not only repair your credit, but also maintain a good score for the long term.

Bang for Your Buck
Score: 2/3 is a little pricier than other credit repair companies, not offering discount programs or couple discounts. It costs $99.95 a month, plus a one-time fee of $14.99, which goes toward getting your credit reports.

Certified FICO professionals empower people for long-term financial success, not simply paying off debt. The company offers tools to help you understand how credit works and how the different types of credit lines can improve your score.

Ease of Use
Score: 2/3

The personalized online dashboard with a real-time credit score tracker lets you monitor your progress at your convenience. also provides 24/7 credit monitoring to help you keep an eye on your score and alerts you to any suspicious activity. However, the lack of communication beyond email can be frustrating.

Customer Service
Score: 2/3

Credit repair isn’t the service you are paying for when you sign up for You’re also paying to track your progress. The company currently has the best tracking technology available. Its real-time tracking allows you to watch your credit score improve in front of your eyes.

Score: 1/3 services are unique because they go beyond one-time credit repair by helping clients develop a long-term healthy relationship with their money and credit. The company reportedly has had over 1.5 million negative items removed from the credit reports of its customers.

Unfortunately, it has the highest monthly fees of any service we reviewed and doesn’t provide a guarantee. It isn’t currently listed with the Better Business Bureau and has no ratings to date. It has come under fire from the BBB for making claims regarding success rates that it was unable to substantiate.

Bottom Line

While more expensive than some other agencies, including a higher upfront fee, provides a dedicated case manager credit monitoring and a focus on financial education, which could be a more worthy investment.

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