Are you planning for retirement yet? Hold your horses! I know, I know. Everybody looks forward to not having to work anymore, right? But hear me out. There may actually be some good reasons why you should, in fact, never retire.

1. Science Says Not To

Studies have shown that retiring later is often associated with longer life, a decrease in the probability of depression, and having fewer health issues. Of course, studies often seem confusing and contradictory. One minute they say coffee is good for you, the next minute it’s not! But here, it looks like the evidence favors never retiring — and certainly not retiring too early.

2. You’ll Have More Income Potential If You Never Retire

No one should be in a hurry to retire only to realize that they need to go back to work in order to afford their lifestyle.

By deciding to work instead of retiring, you're upping your earning potential and keeping a steady stream of income coming through the door.

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So to make sure that you can save more, work a little longer. After all, who doesn’t want more money in their bank account?

3. You’ll Have Added Knowledge

If you’ve worked in your field for over 20 years, you most likely have knowledge that other workers don’t have. Instead of throwing all of that away and setting yourself up to start all over again if you need to go back to work, just don’t leave in the first place.

Most companies prefer to keep such experienced workers on their rolls past the normal retirement age. You can always negotiate your terms, request a raise, or even ask to go part-time if you don’t want to work full-time anymore.

4. Live for the Now

Some explain their decisions to retire as a way to have the fun that they didn’t have in their 20s and 30s.

Instead of waiting till 65 to go surfing or scuba diving, why not do those things now?

Sure, retirement is time to have fun, but it can also be harder to keep up with some of those more physically demanding activities when you’re older. If you live a full life today, you don’t have to retire at 65 just to have fun.

5. Semi-Retire

This goes back to going part-time or negotiating your terms, but semi-retirement is always an option. That way, you can keep your job and possibly even your benefits. Besides, having work to do helps many people continue to feel useful.

People who retire early may start to feel lonely. When there is no place to go to each morning and you no longer have chats around the water cooler, it’s only natural that many people start to feel a little down. By semi-retiring, you can have more time in your day without missing out on your social and workplace interactions.

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6. Volunteer

Okay, so you still want to retire. Have you thought about volunteering after you retire? By volunteering, you can get the same health benefits as if you were still working. You can also travel, find new networking opportunities, and even learn a new skill. These are all opportunities that you can have by volunteering.

Plus, if you wanted to volunteer more when you were younger and didn’t have the time, retirement is the perfect time to play catch-up!