Google has compiled a list of the top trending costumes across the United States this year. While many people will splurge on expensive costumes of their favorite Fortnite characters, some like to take a more relaxed approach to Halloween.

The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend a spooktacular $3.2 billion on Halloween costumes this year. But whether you're going trick-or-treating or having a party, dressing up doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

While the days of bedsheet ghosts going door to door are long gone, there are some great alternatives for those of us who don’t want to splurge on something we’ll wear for just one night.

We’ve done some research for you and found where you can get some of this year’s most popular costumes, often for less than half price. Especially with sites like Anytime Costumes and Costume Discounters around, there’s no excuse not to snag cheap Halloween costumes this year.

7 Cheap Halloween Costumes That Won't Terrify Your Bank Account: Expensive Witch Costume7 Cheap Halloween Costumes That Won't Terrify Your Bank Account: Cheap witch costume

1. Witch

The ever-popular witch costume ranks within the top five again this year, and with hundreds of options to choose from, this Halloween staple isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. (Just be careful not to spill water on yourself — we all know how that ends.)

Splurge:  This eerily realistic witch costume (above left) comes with a dress, the iconic hat and belt buckle for $49.99. You can get it here, but that’s without the broom. You can purchase your preferred mode of transport here for an extra $6.99.

Save: You can get a cheaper, but still classic witch costume for $19.59 at Target. It includes almost the exact same items as its expensive counterpart, but for less than half the price.


  Expensive Harley Quinn Halloween Costume7 Cheap Halloween Costumes That Won't Terrify Your Bank Account: Cheap Harley Quinn Costume

2. Harley Quinn

Shooting back into popular culture following the re-release of Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn remains one of the easiest and most popular costumes out there. Just make sure you don’t adopt her psyche, too.

Splurge: Go all out this Halloween with this Harley Quinn costume bundle (above left) —  bat ’n’ all — for $80 on Amazon.

Save: Get the exact same costume for $34.99 at Target. You can even snag a replica baseball bat for a mere $11.04 extra.

Savings: $45.01


3. Pirate 

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a peg and a hook if you want to become Jack Sparrow for a night.

Splurge: You’ll find this frighteningly realistic Jack Sparrow costume (above left) for $119.99 or more on — not including his famous tri-corner hat, which will set you back an extra $29.99. 

Save: Go for a more of a first mate look with Target's more basic pirate costume for $17.99.

Savings: $131.01


Expensive Pennywise costume7 Cheap Halloween Costumes That Won't Terrify Your Bank Account: Cheap Clown Costume

4. Clown 

Returning to the forefront of popular culture after the release of the movie based on Stephen King’s IT, you’re guaranteed to see a lot of clowns around your neighborhood this Halloween. And some of them will even be in costume. Lol.

Splurge: Terrorize your neighbors in true Pennywise style with this costume (above left) from Party City for $59.99 — helium balloon not included.

Save: Your party guests will be none the (Penny)wiser when you rock up in this classic clown costume (above right) from Amazon for $31.39.

Savings: $28.60 

  Expensive Wonder Woman costume7 Cheap Halloween Costumes That Won't Terrify Your Bank Account: Wonder Woman Costume

5. Wonder Woman

Whether you want to channel your inner Lynda Carter or your inner Gal Gadot this Halloween, Wonder Woman is always a timeless choice.

Splurge: You can find this detailed Wonder Woman costume (above left) at Costume Party World for $179.94 — including headgear, corset, armlet, leglets, gloves, and belt.

Save: You can get an almost identical Wonder Woman costume from Target for only $38.49.

Savings: $141.45

Expensive zombie costume7 Cheap Halloween Costumes That Won't Terrify Your Bank Account: Zombie costume

6. Zombie

Depending on how dead or undead you want to be this Halloween, zombie costumes range from a torn shirt and some fake blood to a full-on Walking Dead makeover.

Splurge: This “rotten to the core” zombie costume (above left) ranges from $34.99 to $49.99 on

Save: Team this slightly less bloody, but no less terrifying zombie costume (above right) with a mask and get the same result. It will cost you just $14.98 on Amazon.

Savings: $20.01