New York City – March 27th, 2017 – PennyOwl and CentSai today announced a new content distribution partnership that will ensure greater accessibility to financial education content for parents with young children.

The partnership will see PennyOwl Allowance, voted Education App of the Year for Kids 2017, extend the channels through which it is helping families raise money-smart kids. The agreement blends PennyOwl’s age-appropriate financial education content with CentSai’s capacity for teaching finance through storytelling blogs and interactive media.

The partnership will focus on:

  • Engaging digital savvy parents to kick-start the money conversation with their kids;
  • Providing financial resources to Millennials who are trying to navigate the myriad of financial decisions that having children brings; and,
  • Providing parents with age-appropriate educational content for their kids, helping them develop good financial habits from a younger age.

Topics such as the Money Moves You Should Consider If You Have A Family, tips for Shopping With The Kids, and introducing Chore Charts That Really Work have already been covered. Plans are afoot to share additional content on subjects such as Starting The Money Conversation With Your Kids, Allowances and Financial Terms That Kids Should Know.

Speaking on the partnership, Arindam Nag, CEO of CentSai, commented, We love that PennyOwl is building a nation of money-smart kids, and since many of our community members are starting families of their own, it makes perfect sense that our present financial storytelling evolves to include family finance.”

According to Seamus Matthews, CEO and founder of PennyOwl, “Our team delivers unique, age-appropriate financial education content for families with young children, and partnering with CentSai dovetails with our strategy to ensure greater accessibility to this content. CentSai’s focus on distributing timely, relevant and jargon-free financial content to Millennials makes them an ideal partner for PennyOwl, and it’s a partnership that will go from strength-to-strength.”

PennyOwl Allowance is free to download (U.S. only), and plans to extend internationally with premium subscription and white label options.

About CentSai
’s mission is to make learning personal finance skills approachable and fun for young adults. CentSai provides financial wellness communities through its two platforms:, which serves Millennials (those born 1980 and 2000), and, which is for teens. Both platforms spread invaluable personal finance information through storytelling, using tools such as blogs, expert commentary, vlogs, podcasts and quizzes.

About PennyOwl

PennyOwl is making financial education universally accessible. PennyOwl Allowance is Education App of the Year 2017, and is helping parents raise money-smart kids. Uniquely, PennyOwl blends financial education content with the real money experience of allowances, ensuring kids develop the right financial habits from a younger age. An educational newsfeed within the app offers parents the content and confidence to start money conversations earlier, while kids learn about the value of money, savings goals, giving to charity and entrepreneurship.  PennyOwl also takes the stress out of tracking how much money parents “owe” their kids, while kids automatically save a certain proportion of every allowance. It is COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant, kidSAFE certified, and it is free for android and iOS.  A white label version “powered by PennyOwl” is available for socially responsible brands interested in sponsoring mobile financial education for their communities, schools, customers or staff.