New York City and Shanghai – September 28, 2017CentSai, an online financial wellness community, and RIKAI Labs, China’s leading chatbot platform, today announced a partnership aimed at improving financial literacy in China. Under the terms of the partnership, RIKAI Labs will use CentSai’s engaging educational content to enhance its award-winning financial literacy chatbot, called “FinBot.” CentSai’s content is expected to launch in China in the fourth quarter of 2017.

According to a 2015 Standard & Poor’s report, 72 percent of Chinese adults lack basic financial knowledge. To address this, RIKAI Labs developed “FinBot,” a chatbot friend powered by artificial intelligence (AI). FinBot teaches basic financial concepts through friendly conversations with users incorporating multimedia and social elements to increase engagement. This creates a dialogue providing social, actionable and customized financial information to individuals. Users access FinBot through  WeChat, China’s largest messaging app with 963 million users.*

With 30 professional writers and 90 financial experts in the U.S., CentSai’s content teaches personal finance concepts in a fun, approachable way. Users spend over 10 minutes on CentSai on average, triple the time for its larger industry competitors, according Alexa data. CentSai content includes topics ranging from saving and budgeting to building credit and investing money, among other financial “life stages.” CentSai also delves into money issues often considered controversial.

The partnership with RIKAI Labs is the first time CentSai’s content will be distributed outside the U.S. CentSai establishing its presence in China by offering this underserved market fun financial content, including articles, games and quizzes.

“We are excited to partner with RIKAI Labs to develop FinBot and offer a user-friendly financial education to millions in China,” said Arindam Nag, co-founder and CEO of CentSai. “This partnership marks our first step into China and we are dedicated to helping our Chinese audience improve their financial wellness.”

“China is the second-largest economy in the world, with the largest financially illiterate population,” said Eric Song, Director, China Market, CentSai. “The financial system is becoming more complicated than ever with the rapid growth of financial technologies. With the combination of creative content and cutting-edge technology, CentSai and RIKAI are committed to the same mission, and we encourage other companies to join us — to help people improve their financial know-how anywhere, anytime.”

“We are inventing the new two-way medium of chatbots,” said David “DC” Collier, CEO, RIKAI Labs. “Our custom platform allows us to develop conversational chatbots that are educational and entertaining. And best of all, this doesn’t require anything from the users — FinBot will immediately be available to all of WeChat’s audience of one billion people.”

*According to WeChat owner Tencent’s most recent half-year earnings report, WeChat has approximately 963 million users both inside and outside of China.

About CentSai
CentSai’s mission is to make learning personal finance skills approachable and fun for young Americans through every stage of life. CentSai provides financial wellness education through its two platforms — CentSai, which serves millennials and Gen X-ers, and CentSai Education, which serves teens. Both platforms spread invaluable personal finance information through storytelling in blogs, videos, expert commentary, Q&As, podcasts, and more.

About RIKAI Labs

RIKAI Labs produces educational and engaging chatbots, delivered over WeChat. Using a mix of artificial intelligence and their custom in-house authoring tools, RIKAI has developed chatbots that helps a business-to-consumer (B2C) organization to magnify its engagement with customers.

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Kelly Bailey


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David ‘DC’ Collier

CentSai 与RIKAI Labs将联手改善中国消费者金融素养

  – RIKAI Labs采用CentSai的个人金融互动内容加强基于微信平台的聊天机器人”金宝”

纽约及上海 – 2017年9月25日 – 在线金融教育社群平台CentSai与中国领先聊天机器人平台RIKAI Labs今日宣布,双方已签署合作协议,共同致力于提升中国消费者的金融素养。根据合作协议,RIKAI Labs将采用CentSai提供的生动内容加强其屡获殊荣的普惠金融聊天机器人“金宝Finbot”。CentSai所提供的内容将于今年四季度推出。

根据标普2015年发布的消费者金融素养报告,72%的中国成年人缺乏管理个人财富的基本知识。为进一步提高国人金融素养,RIKAI Labs开发了基于人工智能技术的聊天机器人“金宝”。“金宝”通过浅显易懂的人机对话形式及多媒体与社交元素吸引用户学习金融概念。用户可通过拥有9.6亿用户的中国最大的社交媒体平台-微信与人工智能的沟通获得实行性强,定制化的相关金融信息。

通过美国30名专业创作团队及90名金融顾问,CentSai金融教育以寓教于乐并贴近生活的方式传播个人理财知识。根据亚马逊旗下互联网数据公司Alexa的统计,浏览CentSai网站的用户平均每人用时超过10分钟,这较大型同业竞争者的数据高出2倍。CentSai的内容主要包括储蓄、预算、投资、保险、债务、信用、置业、购车及身份信息保护。除此之外, CentSai也深入研究两性财务关系、创业及其它争议性金融话题。

与RIKAI Labs的合作是CentSai的内容首次在美国以外传播。CentSai正积极向金融教育相对匮乏的中国市场拓展,为消费者提供包括文章、游戏及小测试等简明易懂、寓教于乐的个人理财内容。

“与RIKAI Labs的合作激动人心。我们将携手开发金宝以为数以百万计的中国消费者提供唾手可得,用户至上的金融教育,”CentSai联合创始人及首席执行官Arindam Nag先生表示。 “该合作标志着我们进入中国市场的第一步,我们将矢志不渝的帮助中国读者改善金融状况。”

“中国是世界第二大经济体,但却拥有最多金融素养较低的消费者群体。随着金融科技的快速发展,金融体系较以往更加复杂,” CentSai中国区总监宋墨先生表示。“CentSai与RIKAI肩负相同的使命,将创新内容与前沿技术相结合以帮助更多人随时随地提高他们的金融技巧。我们也希望更多企业能加入我们的行列。”

“RIKAI Labs正不断开发作为双向媒介的聊天机器人。我们的自定义平台可以开发以教育和娱乐为主的交谈式机器人。最棒的是使用者无需任何操作—10亿微信用户随时可以开始使用金宝。” RIKAI Labs首席执行官David ‘DC’ Collier先生表示。


CentSai致力于使美国年轻人在人生各个阶段都可以学到充满趣味、贴近生活的个人理财技巧。 CentSai 通过两大平台提供金融健康教育:CentSai主要面向千禧一代及X世代;CentSai Education主要面向青少年。两大平台均通过以充满故事性的博客、视频、专家评论、问答及播客等传播宝贵的个人理财信息。


 关于RIKAI Labs

RIKAI Labs 向微信平台提供教育型及生动的聊天机器人。通过将人工智能与其自有的创作工具结合,RIKAI已开发了多种帮助B2C组织加强与客户沟通的聊天机器人。


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