Gamification model to make financial literacy fun and accessible to more people

NEW YORK, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CentSai Inc., a leading online financial education platform and content company, has acquired TDFQ Inc., the creator of The Daily FinQ financial literacy app. The Daily FinQ uses trivia and gamification to make financial concepts accessible to a broad range of people. It can be found on the Apple App Store or The Daily FinQ – a perfect download for Financial Literacy Month.

The acquisition (the terms of which have not been disclosed) will give CentSai a new and engaging tool for enhancing people's financial literacy skills. The Daily FinQ was founded by Bill Ullman, a veteran financial services and FinTech professional, with a mission to support financial literacy in a way that is fun, fast, and free. It is a perfect extension of CentSai's financial education platform, which makes quality financial education easier to deliver to students, employers, financial institutions, and employees across the country.  

“From day one, CentSai has focused on building a platform of high-quality content and educational capabilities. Engagement with key financial topics is our goal,” said Arindam Nag, co-founder and CEO of CentSai. “Understanding the basics of money is a right, not a privilege. We help organizations of all types – whether a school, a business, or a government entity – provide easy and affordable access to clear and actionable financial information. The Daily FinQ expands and supports our mission by making learning this important information more approachable and more fun.”

“To some, the idea of ‘fun' or ‘gamification' may seem disconnected from the world of financial education, and that's too bad,” said Ullman. “Making this information fun and engaging is exactly what's needed! Many people just tune out when they hear about 401(k)s, compound interest, or the importance of savings. These are core financial concepts that everyone should understand – and by making a game of it, we hope more will.”

As a result of the acquisition, The Daily FinQ will have access to the resources of CentSai. This will include multilingual support, development capacity, and global reach. For its part, CentSai will have a new consumer-friendly mobile app and gamified content and quizzes for its deep set of educational resources. Ullman will continue his work on FinQ as an investor in and strategic advisor to CentSai.

“Our goal is to bring financial education to billions of people,” said Nag, “and the addition of The Daily FinQ to our portfolio will help us accomplish this important work.”

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