NEW YORK, OCT 27, 2016 – CentSai, the financial wellness community has launched a new resource for its mainly millennial users – CentSai Experts ( CentSai Experts expands on the already vast CentSai resources for millennials and others by adding blogs written by qualified, credentialed and vetted financial advisors providing content including blogs, and Q&A on subjects including education planning, retirement, insurance and risk management, savings and credit repair. The experts include financial advisors specialized in investment and retirement, financial coaches, lawyers, financial educators and therapists.

CentSai selects the experts based solely on their qualifications and their willingness to help members of the community. The experts do not pay a fee to CentSai to be included, nor does CentSai benefit financially from connections that might be made via CentSai Experts.

“With CentSai Experts we are helping to create a safe place for millennials to learn about finance directly from experts. Advisors can showcase content, their views, for free and giving millennials the chance to get to know them and see if they are someone who can help them,” says CentSai CEO Co-Founder & Chief Executive Arindam Nag. “Without reading what experts have written and seeing how they answer your questions, there is no effective way to know which of the quarter of a million financial advisors in the US is the right one to help you,” he adds.

“We want to have digital profiles of financial experts who are willing to put trust and willingness to develop meaningful relationships with millennials,” Nag adds.

CentSai launched in April 2016 to provide educational resources for people who want to learn more about their finances – savings, debt, investment, credit, careers and retirement among other subjects. It teaches through relatable content – stories about the lives of people.

In addition to offering financial advisors a platform to demonstrate their knowledge and value to an audience of millennials, CentSai Expert will provide additional resources such as an extremely active and valuable social media presence.

“Make no mistake. This is not just another match-making service where companies are paid to provide an advertising platform for financial advisors and where the company profits when an advisor is hired,” says Peter Neeves, Expert-in-Chief at CentSai Experts. Peter has been a financial advisor for 17 years and holds a Ph.D. in finance. “It’s not a lack of resources that hold people back. They don’t know where to go and they don’t have content that engages them. CentSai approach of learning finance through story telling engages millennials, but they need expertise as well,” he adds.

CentSai Expert already has more than 100 experts on board and is open to including additional advisors who can provide high-quality,insightful articles and answer user questions. To apply to be an advisor, please email

About CentSai
CentSai is a financial wellness community for millennials where its members learn about finance through storytelling. Launched in April, 2016, young adults learn about mortgages, savings, student loans, spending and investing by sharing stories with experts and peers. It was founded by Arindam Nag and Doria Lavagnino, both former journalists. On CentSai you will find blogs, videos, podcasts and more explaining finance in an easy-to-understand way. Our team of ‘CentSai's’ (what we call our bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, experts and the like) live across the globe and come from all walks of life – from students to strippers. CentSai is here to change how finance is discussed.

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