It's easy to think that more money can solve all your problems. While having enough money is key, and managing it properly is essential, basic self-care can come from a variety of no or low- cost sources.

In this video, Cat Alford gives tips on self-care, an often overlooked concept for many of us. A successful, working digital entrepreneur, Cat seems to have mastered the art of having it all. How?

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When was the last time you read a book…for fun? If you don't have time in your life for simple pleasures, perhaps it's time to take a look at your day-to-day and carve out time to enrich yourself.

Sounds hokey? But if you are always giving and not restoring yourself, life can feel like drudgery. You are depleted.

The reality is, happiness isn't a commodity for sale on the New York Stock Exchange.

Cat is also a big fan of gratitude, a personal favorite of mine, too. Realizing what you have, even writing a gratitude list, can pull you out of the dumps. It's priceless.

At the end of a busy year at CentSai, with all the ups and downs that entrepreneurship brings, remembering yourself is not selfish — it's crucial.

Work/life balance is something we have to actively and purposely make happen, whether we’re taking care of our kids, looking after our aging parents, or playing any active role in what we do each day.

This new year take the time to enjoy your life. I know I will.