As much as I like a good bargain, I’m not about to take time to cut, tear, and fold coupons — though I’ve heard that once upon a time, that’s how it was done. Mercifully, the digital age makes saving easier. Here are my picks of top coupon-clipping sites to help you save money on nearly everything. Couponing doesn’t have to just be for your parents, y’know!

1. Honey

If you don’t have this baby on your Google Chrome extension list, what are you doing with your life?

This money-saving browser extension takes so much effort out of couponing, you don’t even have to think about it.

Honey automatically scans the site you’re on. At check out, it will show you any coupons that you may be entitled to, which you can then apply with the click of a button. It could not get any easier.

2. Goldstar

I consider myself a creative person, so I try to support the arts as best I can. The problem? It can be expensive when you have a limited income, or if you’re working hard to pay off debt.

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Luckily there’s Goldstar, which offers tickets for events at a fraction of the original cost. Sometimes it even has free tickets, and you simply pay a nominal processing fee. I’ve saved up to $30 on tickets to concerts and plays this way.

3. Ebates

What if you could get cash back on purchases from your favorite stores? Or when you shop online? Using Ebates, you can do just that. Ebates offers cash back of up to 25 percent on all purchases and works with many major retailers. I’ve shaved several dollars off of each purchase with Ebates. That may seem like small change, but it all adds up.

4. Upromise

If you’re looking for ways to save and put extra money toward college or your student loans, look no further than Upromise. This coupon-clipping site helps members earn cash back on travel, dining, and shopping.

If you’re going to spend the money anyway, why not earn some cash back? From my normal spending, I’ve been able to put $40 toward my student loans.

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5. RetailMeNot

Have you ever bought something online while eyeing the promo code box on the checkout page? You’re just dying to know what to put in and how much you’ll save.

Now you can find some promo codes and other discounts at RetailMeNot. In addition to promo codes, it also provides coupons to use online or in-store. I’ve saved 10 to 20 percent on all my purchases with this coupon-clipping site.

6. Ibotta

Ibotta offers several ways to earn cash back on your everyday purchases such as groceries, helping you save your hard-earned dollars. You can unlock rebates when you shop online or use their mobile app to earn rebates when you scan product barcodes and submit a receipt on qualifying products.

It’s a little work, but it's worth your time. Plus, you can link your loyalty rewards accounts to Ibotta to unlock even more rebates. I love getting a few dollars back every time I shop.

7. Freecycle

Do you need something for your apartment? Before you spend a fortune, check out Freecycle.

It’s an online community in which people can post stuff they want to give away. The mission is simple: help others and keep waste to a minimum.

Why throw something away if someone else can use it? Why buy something new when there are plenty of good-quality used items? Freecycle can help reduce waste, too.


While it offers downloadable and printable coupons, also has online redeemable coupons. Plus, it brings you cashback offers and loyalty coupons.

Its sister coupon-clipping site, Thegoodstuff, collects deals that are available across the internet and compiles them into one handy site for you, so you don’t have to scramble to find the best savings. It also gives you daily tips and life hacks to make sure you’re making the most of now.

9. Swagbucks

Similar to Honey, Swagbucks helps you with the stuff you already do online. It gives you cash back, gift cards, and saving opportunities for shopping as normal.

There are many other ways to save, such as watching videos, searching the web, and answering online surveys, thus finding great deals to earn points. Swagbucks is good for you if you already do a lot of online shopping. This way, you can save while you shop!

10. Groupon

There’s no showing of coupons or codes for this coupon-clipping site. You pay for what you want directly on Groupon. This coupon-clipping site has so many deals and delights, it will show you what you never knew you needed. Be careful, though — it may show you what you don’t need, too.

11. Goodshop

Not only does Goodshop help you find coupons for your favorite stores, but it also has an option to shop through a partner and donate a percentage of your purchase to a different charity each month.

This way, you both save and help others at the same time.

An option called Give lets you choose who you want to donate to, and a percentage will go to them from each purchase you make.

12. BeFrugal

BeFrugal deals with 50,000 stores nationwide to bring you the best in coupons and deals. It doesn’t take a percentage of the commission. Rather, its partnership deals with these companies are so strong that you get all the savings you’re owed.

BeFrugal also gives you access to hundreds of cash back deals. In short, the coupon-clipping site deals with the big stores so you don’t have to.

13. P&G Everyday

P&G's coupons spread out over multiple categories like beauty and family, and the company has partnerships with big brands. This can only mean one thing — serious savings! P&G also reviews the products for which it offers coupons, which will help you with your decisions.

14. Grocery Coupon Network

In addition to coupons for grocery stores, as the name denotes, this network also has coupons for online sites such as Amazon. Be careful though, not all coupons are digital, you will have to print some.

15. SavingStar

SavingStar offers a self-proclaimed hassle-free couponing site. You link your store cards, select which rebates or coupons you want to claim, and when you use your store card in store, savings are added to your account. It’s that simple. Once you've saved $20, you can withdraw it into your PayPal account or donate it to charity.

16. SmartSource

SmartSource is another site that puts your coupons straight onto your loyalty card. It also tracks how much you have saved, so you can see at the end of the month if it’s worth it! And with handy drop-down categories, you can see what you need without having to traipse through dozens of deals.

17. Valpak

Valpak is all about coupons in your area, be it dry cleaners, auto repair shops, or restaurants. In addition to the online coupons, you can also opt in for a monthly envelope mailed to you filled with coupons and deals.

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18. CouponRocker

You can redeem hundreds of coupons online, on your phone, or by print. CouponRocker has partnerships with some of the biggest name brands like PetSmart, Target, and Best Buy.

29 Top Coupon-Clipping Sites That Save Money and Time.Want to save money, but hate spending all that time finding coupons? Check out these top coupon-clipping sites to save money and time. #savemoney #spending #coupons

19. Slickdeals

With handy, personalized deal alerts delivered straight to your inbox, Slickdeals rules the roost on keeping you up to date with coupons and deals. It's a partner with giants like Amazon, JC Penney, and Nike. And it even branches out into credit cards and travel. This is your one-stop shop!

20. TechBargains

It’s back-to-school time, and your kid is bugging your for a new laptop, or your microwave exploded and you need a new one stat! TechBargains has everything for your electronic needs.

21. Woot!

You can find deals and shenanigans abound for electronics on the Amazon-owned deal site, Woot! This is one of the most fun coupon-clipping sites out there, with daily deals, savings, and more. It’s worth your while to check this one out.

29 Top Coupon-Clipping Sites That Save Money and Time.Want to save money, but hate spending all that time finding coupons? Check out these top coupon-clipping sites to save money and time. #savemoney #spending #coupons

22. LocalSaver

Sometimes you just don’t have time to trawl through the internet in search of coupons you can actually use in a store near you. But with LocalSaver, you can pop in your zip code, and let this handy coupon-clipping site do the rest.

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From newspapers to home and garden to auto-parts deals, the coupon-clipping site has a monopoly on categories. It also provides you with savings tips and credit card offers in its blog. So much to choose from! And with a name you’re not likely to forget.

24. The Coupons App

An app? What will they think of next?

This app brings you all local coupons and deals and is updated regularly, so you’ll never have to worry about expired deals.

You can get alerts when deals become available, and customize them to your own interests. It also does weekly giveaways.

25. Shopular

Same idea as above: This app uses geolocation to gather the best deals and coupons near you, and alert you to them as soon as you walk in the store. Isn’t technology amazing?

26. Coupon Sherpa

Another app! You’ll never have to pay full price for anything again, at this rate. Coupon Sherpa also offers online redeemable coupons, if using apps isn’t your thing. You're spoiled for choice.

27. Cellfire

Automatically redeem coupons at checkout with your store card or show the coupon on your phone to the cashier. Cellfire specializes in groceries, entertainment, and restaurants. You’ll never have another night in again.

28. Flipp

Flipp claims to be able to save you from 20 to 70 percent on a wide variety of products. It wants to take the “extreme” out of extreme couponing, and give you only stuff you can use.

It also provides a shopping-list builder that will show you how much you can save. This way, you don’t buy things you don’t actually need. Neat!

Want to save money, but hate spending all that time finding coupons? Check out these top coupon-clipping sites to save money and time. #CentSai #savemoney #savingmoneytips #savingmoneyideas #savingmoneyplan

Plus, it offers an app, if computers are too much work for you.

29. PriceBlink

This browser extension works like Honey, trawling the site you’re on to find the best price. It can compare the same item across different sites to make sure you’re on the right track. It can’t hurt to have multiple plugins looking out for you, right?

The Bottom Line on Coupon-Clipping Sites

Before your next purchase, check out these resources to see if there are ways you can save — or better yet, get what you want for free. There’s a growing universe of coupon-clipping sites out there, and there are endless ways to save money.

Additional reporting by Kelly Meehan Brown

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Want to save money, but hate spending all that time finding coupons? Check out these top coupon-clipping sites to save money and time. #CentSai #savemoney #savingmoneytips #savingmoneyideas #savingmoneyplan