Finding likeminded money friends isn't as hard as you might think.

If you’ve been reading articles and posting questions on CentSai for even just a few days, you’re probably wondering what your friends might think of your financial values.

Should you refer them? Would they think you’re poor because you’re thinking about money? Would they think you’re aiming to be wealthy? Do they think you’re already wealthy? Do they think you’re a nerd?

My advice is to tell them. Years ago, the internet was seen as anti-social. But that stereotype has gone up in smoke. Here are some ways to find people who share your money views:

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Dig Into the Personal Finance Blogosphere

The personal finance blogosphere is huge. This has been good for me. I used to think spending a lot of money on social events was a fact of life. But then, I met a group of people who actually dislike spending tons of money and who share my financial values.

If you ever feel like you're on an island, don't worry — you're not. 

There are others who share your mentality! Through the blogosphere, you’ll find tons of other people who are in the same position in life. They love talking about getting scholarships, making money, or saving up for an epic spring break.

Check out and Other Sites Beyond the PF Blogosphere

Maybe personal finance to you is more a means to an end rather than something to talk about with friends. Understandable. has lots of groups of people who are into all sorts of pursuits. There are mastermind groups, car clubs, new moms, gamers, business students, beer enthusiasts… you get the idea. Getting in with a new group means your financial values will typically line up.

I know this is going to sound weird but I’ve actually met cool people on Craigslist. Let me explain. I used to flip car parts in high school. I couldn’t help but meet other people who were equally interested in cars. This was pretty much the ultimate way for me to spend a weekend.

I got to talk with like-minded people, drive fast cars, and make money.

Talk to People Who Aren’t Normal

Ha. What I mean is that some people stand out. I first met a friend because I admired his rare car in a random parking lot one day. Another time, I noticed a colleague always brought lunch from home — we ended up hitting it off about all things frugal.

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I also met someone who I found out owns two airplanes. We talk about entrepreneurship. All of these people are phenomenally interesting. They are people I can talk to about being frugal and building wealth. Other money-minded individuals are all around.

Turn the Tables

Seeking out friends can be time-consuming. It’s the 21st century. When something seems time-consuming, it can usually be done in a more efficient way. For instance, when you meet someone, say something about personal finance when they ask you to introduce yourself. Say you enjoy investing or name a side hustle.

Mention something that advertises who you are. I used to build websites. That’s one thing I said when I first met someone. I told them. I got quite a bit of interest in my business that way.

Introduce yourself in a way that'll help you gain lots of like-minded friends.

Watch for Signals

When you meet people, it becomes fairly obvious how they spend money. Watching someone’s habits is powerful. Take going out to dinner with someone: You’ll likely see what car they drive; how they order; if they use a Groupon or Ebates; if they ask for a to-go box; and maybe, even how much they tip. By observing others and listening to them, you’ll soon find out if their money personality matches yours.

Interact With Others on the CentSai Platform

CentSai is a community. Introduce yourself to people who “like” our Facebook page. Or reach out to bloggers like myself. Reply to comments that catch your attention. Yes, friendships can be made in comments sections.

Chances are, the people you reply to wouldn’t mind finding a friend that matches their money personality. Reach out to anyone on CentSai who seems cool — bonus if they live in your area.