Every generation has had its trends, whether they're pet rocks and bell-bottom jeans or sneakers and hoverboards. Everyone is expected to join in on the latest trend sooner or later.

While I’m a big fan of some fads, I tend to be careful when it comes to spending my money on certain purchases just because everyone else is doing it. Here are a few of the latest trends that I’m not interested in keeping up with at all:

  1. Subscription programs
  2. In-season fashion
  3. Costly car modifications
  4. Hoverboards
  5. Weight loss teas and detox products

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1. Subscription Programs

From the outside looking in, monthly membership programs sound pretty awesome. With subscription boxes, you can have products that you want or need delivered straight to your doorstep each month.

Subscription boxes range in price, starting at $10 and going exponentially up. I’ve seen these services for everything from beauty products to wine samples.

I once used a monthly membership program to order shoes, but I quickly realized that I didn’t need to purchase a new pair of shoes each month. The program allowed me to “skip” months by opting out of paying the fee and thus not receiving a new pair of shoes, but sometimes I forgot to opt out and got charged unexpectedly.

After I canceled my subscription, I saved about $40 a month. That's $480 per year! Some subscription box programs seem marked up, as well. For example, I realized I could find a decent pair of shoes for less than $40.

2. In-Season Fashion

I used to be very into fashion. In fact, I even attended fashion shows in my area to check out the latest trends. But I also decided early on that I didn’t have to listen to what clothes people told me I should wear or which styles people said I should pay attention to. If I did that, I’d end up buying clothes nonstop to keep up. (Some people call this trend of constantly getting new clothes “fast fashion.”) I like buying clothes that I like, whether the fashion industry considers them stylish or not.

I still have clothing from college that I love and intend to keep wearing.

If you need to get new clothes and want to keep trendy, then shop smart. Getting the Macklemore treatment and finding something at a local thrift shop is always possible, and shopping online for pre-used designer fashion.

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The Latest Trends Are Not Your Friends — Here’s Why.Who doesn't want to be seen with the latest trends in fashion, right? Well ... Learn how trends hurt your wallet before you sell your soul for a jacket you don't need. #latesttrendsinfashion #latesttrends #latesttrendsinfashion20183. Costly Car Modifications

My car drives well, thank you! I’m not really interested in adding any costly modifications or accessories like tinted windows, a heated steering wheel, spinners, or whatever else is the current craze. Those features may add value to your car, but cars depreciate quickly, and it’s easy to spend hundreds — even thousands — of dollars on these unnecessary added features.

To me, the most important benefit of my car is the fact that it’s fuel efficient and gets me where I need to go. I don’t plan on spending countless hours in my car, so I really don’t care whether it has all the bells and whistles.

4. Hoverboards

I’m not going to lie, hoverboards look cool and seem like fun. However, they cost anywhere from $300 to $500. Sometimes they go on sale, but either way, it’s a lot of money to spend just so you can ride around and look cool instead of using your own feet to get to where you need to go. It’s just not something I value, and I have a feeling this trend won't last very long.

5. Weight Loss Teas and Detox Products

Weight loss teas and detox products have been the talk of the town lately and promise to help people lose weight and cleanse their bodies. And many of them cost a ton of money. Detox juices or a 30-day supply of weight loss tea can cost anywhere from $30 to $50 each.

I steer clear of these products because I often don’t know what’s in them or how my body will react to them. I’d rather spend my money on natural, healthy, and fresh foods and make my own healthy smoothies and detox drinks.

Final Thoughts on Chasing the Latest Trends

When it comes to keeping up with the latest trends, you may find that your finances take quite a hit. Plus, when the fad dies, you’ll be stuck with a bunch of stuff you no longer want or need. Instead of spending it on a hoverboard, put that $500 into a savings account and see how much it grows.

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