Clothes scattered on the floor. Quickened breath. Electricity. Ravenous desire. When you’re in the throes of passion, everything outside of your sex life becomes secondary. For a moment in time, you disappear into another dimension.

While sex can help us fulfill some of our deepest fantasies (and actually be good for our health), it’s not without a financial cost. I bet you haven't thought much about it.

While sex can help us fulfill some of our deepest fantasies (and actually be good for our health), it’s not without a financial cost. I bet you haven't thought much about it.

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It doesn't matter if you're single, married, or somewhere in-between. If you're having sex, there are likely some costs you associate with the act. Sex may be free (and freeing), but think of everything that happens before you get down and dirty between the sheets: dates. Dinner. Makeup and salon appointments. Cute outfits.

Once you actually get into it, there’s a whole slew of costs you put into your sex life. Think everything from condoms and the Pill to toys, lingerie, movies, and lube (oh my!). It adds up.

“The cost of having sex includes not just your birth control, toys, batteries, and lingerie — it can get pretty darn pricey,” says relationship expert April Masini.

Let’s take a look at some actual costs:

Vibrator: $10 to $219

Box of condoms: $9.99+ (Though you can get some for free at Planned Parenthood and many health centers.)

Lingerie: $50+

Porn: free to $29.99 per month for a membership.

Hotel room: Often hundreds of dollars per night.

When it comes to sex and seeking pleasure, you may pay a pretty penny to ensure you both get off.

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We surveyed a group of 34 respondents on their costs of their sex life. Just how much are people spending? The answers ran across the spectrum. Some folks said they spend nothing (frugal win or frugal fail?) on their sex life each month, while others spent between $100 to $150 each month to keep things hot.

When asked about expenses, respondents said they pay for lingerie, movies and TV, toys, romance novels, doctor appointments, lube, condoms, and even a swinger's club.

It’s not just these line items that people are willing to spend money on either. 30 percent of respondents said they would consider altering a part of their body to be more attractive to other people.

Moreover, a few respondents spent a sizable sum on having a sexual adventure.

Some spent hundreds of dollars on fancy sex toys and “play parties,” while others paid more than a thousand to have an erotic adventure.

Having a (good) sex life can be costly. It doesn't matter whether you classify yourself as plain ol’ vanilla or a little more kinky on the sex spectrum.

Even if you’re married — and theoretically have access to sex regularly — Masini explains that it’s important to keep up with grooming (ahem) and romance, so you can look and feel good, regardless of the cost.

“Your marriage will be better for doing so, and your sex life will reflect the benefit of those costs,” she adds.

So, how can you budget for your sex life and save money? First step: add it as a line item in your budget. Your sexual health is a part of your overall wellness, so make sure you budget for it.

Budgeting for your sex life could lead to fewer money woes and more fun in the bedroom. And before you think sex and money have nothing in common, think again.

Now the best part – couples having more frequent sex earn a little more!

A study by Anglia Ruskin University found that people who get it on two or three times a week earn 4.5 percent more, in comparison to those who have less sex. As it turns out, having frequent sex can help boost your confidence and wellbeing. This, in turn, can help you succeed in the workplace.

So sex not only improves your health, but can also enhance your earning potential!

If you need an excuse to improve your sex life, this is it. As long as you’re playing it safe (use protection!), sex can improve nearly every area of your life. And while you’re having more sex and earning more, don’t forget to reinvest it into your sex life.

It will feel good.