If you want to make money, either do something that others don’t want to do, or do something they can’t do. Since you’re a teen and you’re still learning a ton, you should aim to do things that other people don’t want to do.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), your parents have tons of things they don’t want to do. Consider these things to be employment opportunities. Keep reading, and I’ll help you identify potential parental jobs for teens and show you how to secure them.

Why should you want to be working right now? Because earning money is fun! You get to buy what you want, do more of what you want (pretty much), and act more like an adult before actually becoming one. It also helps build your résumé for when you’re ready to work for strangers.

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Finding Household Jobs for Teens

Identifying potential jobs is key to your success. To do so, find out what your parents don’t like doing. Look around. If they don’t like mowing the lawn, they likely have a lawn service do it. If they dislike washing their car, they probably go to a car wash. And if they don’t want to clip coupons, they may avoid it altogether.

To get these jobs for teens, simply swoop in and offer your superior services!

Tell your parents you’d like to mow the lawn, and offer to do it at a cheaper rate than the lawn company charges. Or offer to wash their car at a lower price than what a car wash charges. Maybe even offer to do new things like clipping coupons.

You can easily give them an extra incentive by charging less than their current service providers. You still live at home with your parents, so your costs are close to nothing. And besides, since you live at home, you're already at the job site. There’s no need to spend money on transportation to get there.

You can also tell your parents how each job will make you more responsible. That may be enough of a reason for them to hire you over any “competitor.”

My Jobs as a Teen

When I was a kid, I did a lot for my parents. I pulled out dandelions for 5 cents apiece. I shelled corn I found after corn harvest and sold it to them by the bushel.

I washed windows, vacuumed carpets, and did pretty much everything I was capable of doing. This helped fuel my appetite for money, and I don’t regret a second of it. Having $1,000-plus lying around was a pretty cool feeling.

You may be wondering how much money I made. It was actually quite a lot. I made so much that my parents had to lower my rate of pay because they realized they couldn’t afford the number of hours I was putting in!

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The Bottom Line on Finding Jobs for Teens

You can earn quite a lot, too. And if your parents aren’t able or willing to pay much, consider offering your services to your neighbors.

As with most things in life, there is no secret to getting your parents to hire you. Simply show them that you’ll work hard, be reliable, and do a good job. Then let the money pour in.