You probably associate the term cold calling with someone trying to sell you something you don’t need over the phone. And you’d be right. But there are ways for business owners to use the technique without spamming people or getting on their nerves.

Adapted cold calling and emailing is my biggest driver of business. And unlike a car insurance firm calling a 12-year-old, I use targeted cold calling.

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What Is Targeted Cold Calling?

Instead of aimlessly emailing or calling thousands of people who aren't interested, find your core target audience, and send something personal to them.

For example, I do a lot of speaking work and know that the Women’s Institute incorporates hundreds of groups around the country that are constantly looking for speakers.

By sending a specific group a small pitch via email after doing my research on Google, I get a fairly good response rate — and it’s a nice, effortless way in.

They’re looking for a service (in this case speakers), and I provide that service — a great example of targeted cold calling.

Finding Your People

These Cold Calling Tips Will Get You (almost) Anything! Trying to get your business off the ground? Need more clients? Check out these cold calling tips to give your business the boost it needs. #coldcallingtips #businessSo how do you home in on your target audience? If you aren’t a big corporation with lots of employees, my best advice would be to do a quick search on the internet or social media.

Social media lets you target specific users with information about your product or service. It’s quick and a lot less intimidating for those who are just starting out.

You can also use sites like Fiverr and Truelancer to offer freelance services and find potential clients.

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Other Cold Calling Tips

If you want to try your hand at reaching out to complete strangers, here are my top cold calling tips. Once you’ve done it, it gets a whole lot easier!

1. Imagine Yourself in Their Shoes

Before you press send or pick up the phone, ask yourself if what you’re saying makes sense. Do they understand what you're pitching? And, most importantly, would this cold call or email interest the person? If you're boring yourself, how do you think other people will feel?

2. Be Personable

It's very off-putting for your target audience to feel that they're reading the exact same email or hearing the exact same script as hundreds of others. Instead, have a conversation, listen to what they have to say, and respond to it. You'll have a much better chance of gaining their attention, trust, and business.

3. Remember the Worst- and Best-Case Scenarios

Sending one email or making one phone call won't kill you. The worst thing that could happen is getting a “no” or not receiving a reply.

On the other side, the best thing that could happen is winning some business, launching your career, or becoming a millionaire! The positives always outweigh the negatives.

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So, what are you waiting for? This is an amazing way to expand your business.