Maximizing income potential is something that every professional is after. Let’s be honest with ourselves. If we were satisfied with stagnant revenue, we’d get a job – that’d sure be easier (fewer hours, no nights, weekends, etc..) and carry a lot less risk. But we work these hours and accept the uncertainties associated with self-employment for the opportunity of unlimited income.

However, I’m sure you’ve noticed that you’re working longer and harder than ever, only to make the same or, God forbid, less money year after year. This dynamic has been felt around the country and in virtually every professional market over the past decade, and worse yet …. it’s picking up steam.

What’s the cause? There are many contributors, the full review of which is beyond the scope of this post, so let’s focus on three of the most impactful variables and how to overcome same.

1.) Dilution – more and more people are trying their hand in professional markets (moonlighting, dual licensing, etc.) leveraging ever more effective and far-reaching communication platforms resulting in a prolific solicitive assault on the consumer markets. Along with all the WHITE NOISE, this creates (which causes confusion and transaction hesitancy), it results in limited revenue being spread among more professionals.

2.) Technology – the explosive nature and exponential growth of Technology in conjunction with ever more capable delivery systems (internet, 5g, cell phones with more processing power than supercomputers from just a few years ago, etc..) and mass adoption of the same have resulted in more attainable information, a more educated population and more self-help options than ever before in human existence. This dynamic drastically compounds the hazards of the market dilution mentioned above – when people can readily obtain information and have access to mechanisms allowing them to execute their needs about the same. They need fewer professional consultants, NOT MORE.

3.) Market Concentration – all of the above is focused on target markets and groups whose populations and economic strength are steeply declining.
The key then to your biggest year ever is to:

  • Move away from the saturation (Dilution) and into far more fertile environments.
  • Find explosive Technology that marries well with your core competency rather than steals from it.
  • Focus on an underserved market that controls extreme economic strength and, if possible, make as much of that economic strength liquid (spendable).

Interestingly, this is precisely what Stryde specializes in. We focus on Main St. Businesses that, as a group, are an economic powerhouse (control $32 Trillion) but individually are too small for large entities in most markets to give any attention to while at the same time are too big for the average professional or entity to garner the ear of, resulting in an extreme level of under service (no competition – insanely fertile). Stryde, via its two decades of development and service, has developed the most comprehensive, market-disrupting, and proven software in any market which focuses on exploding the cash flow, mitigating the taxes, and slashing the operating expenses of these very entities – topics that are top of mind and aggressively sought out by every small business in America, thereby moving away from saturated markets and into an entire competition-free space, leveraging Technology that promotes and feeds other professional services and produces the capital needed to fund the payments necessary to buy your goods and services resulting in the biggest year of your career! <a href=”