In collaboration with the Council for Economic Education (CEE), Jump$tart is pleased to announce the release of the newly revised National Standards for Personal Financial Education.

The new Standards represent Jump$tart’s and CEE’s shared vision of a single, unified set of standards that will guide educators, curriculum writers, policymakers, and other financial education stakeholders across the country to promote effective, comprehensive financial education for K-12 students.

The new Standards reflect the evolution of financial services, current approaches to financial education, and a more intentional inclusiveness of all users.

Click here to download a free copy of the full publication as a .pdf file.

Jump$tart and CEE thank the Steering Committee, Writing Team, educator and industry-expert reviewers, and the Jackson Charitable Foundation.

Click here for the full announcement.

Dr. Vickie Bajtelsmit, who led the Standards Writing Team, discussed development of the new Standards at the Council for Economic Education’s 60th Anniversary Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference and then again at the Jump$tart National Educator Conference in Washington, DC. Click here for a .pdf version of her presentation.

While Jump$tart no longer distributes the National Standards as a printed book, organizations in printing their own supply may request a printshop-ready file by contacting our headquarters office.

Information Provided by Jump$tart and the Council for Economic Education