The Colorado Jump$tart Coalition was established more than 20 years ago with a vision to impact financial literacy education for Colorado students and teachers. Partner organizations have created a shared goal to provide accessible financial education to ALL Colorado students. These organizations provide resources including curriculum, training, and networking opportunities for teachers of personal finance skills. Through collaboration, the Colorado Jump$tart Coalition partners work to collectively advocate for financial education through educator training and resource awareness.

Connect with the Colorado Jump$tart financial education community



Become a Member – The Colorado Jump$tart Coalition is a non-profit organization led by volunteer members. Currently, member dues are $25 per year for each individual participant which maintains our website and sponsors educators to attend The Jump$tart National Educator Conference each November in Washington D.C.

Share a resource at an open meeting – Colorado Jump$tart Coalition meetings are open to ALL (members and non-members) and we encourage you to bring any and all financial education resources to share with teachers.

Collaborate with other financial education advocates – Financial education is the key to economic mobility and a sustainable lifestyle. Join other financial education advocates in supporting educators and students through professional development opportunities for teachers, classroom resources, and building connections with community and volunteers.

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3rd Thursday of Odd Months

To receive a calendar invite with Zoom link, meeting location and reminder for the Colorado Jump$tart Coalition meetings, please contact Board Chair, Stephanie Murphy, SMurphy@jacolorado.org to be added to the meeting invitation list.