I’ve moved so many times within the past five years that I’ve lost count. While moving to a new city is always a bit harrowing, my stress doesn’t ease even after I’m settled. It’s often the newness of the place and experience that gets me worried, as I am not sure how much it will cost me to adjust to the local scene.

Being the frugal type, I always look for a cheap solution whenever I’m in an unfamiliar situation. I’ve even got a list of things to do after moving to a new city.

1. Go to Your Local Library

Your local public library isn’t just for the bookish. It’s also a great source of entertainment. (Some libraries even let you borrow musical instruments. How cool is that?) It has the most useful information on events and programs available locally (most are free or super cheap).

When I moved to Jacksonville, Florida, I searched out a library specifically for kids’ activities. It had a calendar of free activities and meet-up groups. Other libraries may have bulletin boards where area businesses and community groups post events. I’ve even found food fairs (with free food!), movie nights, and discounted rates at various restaurants.