Michelle Gershfeld, Author at CentSai
Financial Expert

Michelle Gershfeld

I’m a personal financial planning counselor, and bankruptcy attorney, who coaches people who are in debt, or building wealth, by identifying and overcoming obstacles that lie in their path to securing worry-free, financial wellness. How I help: At Get Financially Fit we partner to create a strategic, customized plan for your unique financial situation; tackling challenges while defining actionable steps that will increase awareness, change behaviors and lead to the fulfillment of long-term financial goals. Whom I serve: ➢ Millennials looking to take control of their money and make smart decisions for the future ➢ Widows and divorcees facing major life-changing events ➢ Baby Boomers planning for retirement ➢ Parents looking to teach their children how to make wise money decisions ➢ Doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs who are managing their own businesses ➢ HR departments within small to mid-sized companies My 25+ years of bankruptcy experience provides my clients with strong analytical skills and the ability to assess their personal financial situation and set goals that put them on track for a financially secure future. People work with life, fitness and executive coaches yet most don’t have a strategy in place to ensure their financial wellness. My one-to-one personal financial advice provides you with the necessary tools to successfully navigate the world of money. “Don’t let past financial errors prevent you from achieving success.”