Heath Burch, Author at CentSai
Financial Services Professional

Heath Burch

The most trusted financial advisors are credentialed and experienced. Many are nearing retirement themselves, and may not be available for as long as you will need them for your own retirement. I began my financial planning career immediately following college. As a result, I already have significant credentials in my 15+ years of solid experience, while also having decades ahead of me to serve my clients well. To me, the ability to successfully serve clients isn't just about acquiring the right professional designations or managing a certain level of assets. Instead, it’s about focusing on the "WHY" before the "HOW". In other words, I understand the emotional component to financial planning, which is just as important as the monetary component. I have a long track record of giving financial guidance within the very personal context of my clients’ lives. I will help you plan based on your life, not everyone else's. I AM UNIQUELY QUALIFED AND HAVE A SPECIAL INTEREST IN SERVING YOU IF: -- are caring for a child with special needs, and desire a financial plan crafted by a team that understands your family's unique concerns. If a milestone based guide would help you know where to begin for your son or daughter, let me know and we’ll have it emailed to you right away. -- are recently widowed or divorced and are now faced with managing the changes in your finances, and regardless of whether you handled the family finances in the past. If you want to feel more confident and secure in your finances and would like a checklist of the things that you will eventually need to address (at your own pace), send me a message and I’ll gladly forward that to you. -- need to gain control of your assets, and want to work towards aggregating your various investment accounts and assets in a system that aids in effective management today and an efficient transfer through your estate plan. Contact me and we’ll schedule a presentation of the tools we use to help.