The title of this post is not some new phrase I made up, which proves how wise I am (even though I sometimes think I am).

My Money Show When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear

But it really is true. It's not because of some kind of magic, or cosmic intervention, it's because when the student is ready, she or he suddenly looks for, and accepts good information from someone who can help with achieving a goal.

It's kind of like how Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz had the power to “go home” the whole time. She just didn't know it.

I thought of this when I was watching the TV show, My Diet is Better Than Yours. One of the contestants named Taj (“student”) was being trained by Jen (“teacher”).

Even though Taj signed up to be on the TV show—which is 100 percent about having a trainer and a nutrition expert push people to their limits — Taj had the attitude (a horrible one at that) that Jen was some kind of evil monster making her do things she didn't want to do.

Taj got to a point where she shut down and said some horrible things to Jen. She played the blame game; that her problems were because of someone or something else. In essence, Taj was never “ready” to do whatever it took to get healthy.  Needless to say, she quit the show.

Jasmine, another contestant on the show, was ready to change her life, and I have no doubt no matter what diet or exercise plan she was on, she would have come out on top. She had a great attitude and the results showed.

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Have you ever been a “Taj” when it comes to your finances? I have.

For most of my 20s and early 30s there was probably nothing you could have told me about money that would have made me change my life for the better.

I was stubborn because of my comfortable finances.

Having been born into a solidly middle class family, I never wanted for anything. I had my college paid for, and was even given a car at 16 — a brand new one at that.

I also (so I thought at the time) sailed fairly smoothly through the beginning part of adulthood. Although truthfully, if you read my journals from that time period, I was always broke and complaining that I didn't have enough money.

It's tough looking back and thinking, “if only I'd been a better student about money, I could have saved myself a lot of grief later on in life.”

Just because you “should” do something—get healthy or improve your finances— does not mean you will.

Unless you are truly ready, you might be amped to work at it for a few weeks. But you will lose interest very quickly.

For me, it wasn't until I went through a job and financial crisis in my early 40s that I had my wake up call, and began to take my finances incredibly seriously.

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I went from being a Taj to a Jasmine overnight. It was mainly out of necessity, then because it was what I truly desired.

If you're reading this, it's because you're probably a Jasmine yourself and want to get healthy about your finances. But if you are a Taj, and you somehow stumbled upon this site, I encourage you to really consider what I'm about to say.

Please don't wait until you're broke, thousands of dollars in debt, or even just living paycheck to paycheck.

Life is so much better when you are in control of your finances. Your life improves when you have money in the bank for emergencies, retirement, or preferably both. And the younger you are, the better.

Take ownership of your life and money. I swear on my life, you will be so happy you did.

Love, the former student, and now… the teacher.

* Name has been changed to protect privacy

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