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Lucktastic Reviews. Are scratch-card apps — even free ones — worth your time? Check out our Lucktastic reviews to find out if the odds are really in your favor. #review

Are scratch-card apps — even free ones — worth your time? Test it out. Check out our Lucktastic reviews to find out if the odds are really in your favor. #hacks #review #CentSai #appLucktastic is an app that brings you digital scratch cards and games that can win you real cash prizes for free. You can also enter sweepstakes contests, collect tokens, and redeem them for more ways to win.

The scratch cards reset daily, so you can enter afresh each morning. It claims to have given away over $3 million in prizes, and real winners’ photos are posted periodically on the app.

Bang for Your Buck: 1.5

The app is easy to play, but it’s time-consuming. Playing multiple games of scratch cards or sweepstakes means you will have to view a plethora of ads. If you’re busy doing another task and can easily let the ads play in the background, it’s a bit better.

Within five minutes of redownloading this app, CentSai won $1, so winning is indeed possible. You just have to spend some serious time at it each and every day, with the knowledge that you may not win much at all.

Ease of Use: 2 

The scratch cards are easy to use, and the prize for each one varies. The app is inundated with ads, which is how it gets prize money for its multiple rewards. Cash won between $2 and $9.99 is redeemable as instant gift cards. Cash $10 and above is redeemable as a check, and a reward of more than $100 as a Visa gift card. If you have the time and inclination to play these scratch cards every day, there may be some payoff.

CentSai has only ever won $1, but that’s $1 more than if we hadn’t played!


Reputation: 1

On Apple’s App Store, Lucktastic has an average rating of 3.2 based on 6,500 reviews. It’s often in the top 10 lifestyle apps in the Apple store. It’s been featured on Reuters, the Discovery Channel, and Yahoo, with generally positive reviews. However, customers complain that the amount of time put into the app isn’t worth the payback, with few people winning substantial prizes.


Customer Service: 2

Lucktastic provides an easily accessible email address for support and issues on their site, as well as an automated email service for you to contact customer service directly. In this automated mail, one of the complaint topics is “never win,” so the company is aware of that particular problem. It also has an extensive FAQ section that may help with any general queries.

Overall: 6.5/12